Sunday, January 20, 2019

Shibuya Sighting - Ainz Tulpe

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of stores in Shibuya and I made an effort to stop by any drugstore/beauty stores I came by. Because you never knew what kind of new brand you will discover.

Ainz Tulpe is another health and beauty stores that's somewhat specialized. There you will find beautiful interior, brightly lit aisles (actually I thought most lightly in Japanese drugstore's lighting were really harsh and unflattering)  and younger stylish clienteles. 
Ducato nail color - I like the Creme shades but you can find similar ones from US brands like Sinful Colors. 
Ettusais powder eyeshadow (on the left is Maybelline)
Blossom lip oil - Supposedly American brands (but looks straight out of 90s China flea market)
Lip oil and Opera lip balm.
Brands like Opera can be found in specialized store like this. And while in Japan, I finally understand the huge popularity. 

Being in New Jersey (and NY), Opera lip tints (and many supposedly moisturizing lipsticks) becomes drying after a while as I have chronically flakey lips, in Japan the problem was all gone (flakes on lips and scalp) so I could use any lipsticks without problem. Actually I didn't wear any lip product on at all because I didn't need to.
L'Oreal which has lip lacquer, sheer lipstick and lip oil.
Lash serum on far left, Rouge in Oil. 
Cosme award winning Lip Oil. I found this so much more reliable than the Allure Best of Beauty stickers ("Best" products decided by out of touch industry professionals who are affiliated with the brands? No. Thank you.)
A more pigmented formula 

 Unlike corporate L'Oreal in US (who discontinued bunch of great drugstore ranges as a way to force people to buy their high end brands "why bother coming up with fun shades for Maybelline/Loreal when we can just force them into YSL?" )  the Japanese branch knows to keep all of them to compete. If the makeup wearers don't find wearable, work friendly brights from one brand, there are dozens of brands to turn to. 
Msh loveliner has another limited edition print with Hello Kitty by Anna Strumpf 
There was a large truck circling around with the Loveliner ad. They also have this kinds of ad for boy bands and other music artists.
Visee Avant with liptick and single eyeshadow. I had already gotten a dozen of them at home and the texture, wear and pigmentation are amazing (not quite Nars but way better than Surratt Beauty imo) they were only 800 yens!

 They just released a few more shades for spring and I need that lime green. 
Lipstick and Cream shadow. On the left there are cream blush.
I actually like this picture of Hachi 
When I went "Look! Sexy Zone!" (A boy band I liked a lot when they debuted 7 years ago) my friend made some harsh comment regarding Fuma's pink hair... ("咦,咁核突ge" I can't find equivalent in English) 
Look at that pink Tumbler from Starbucks! I resisted because I got some overpriced thermo at home. 


  1. I rarely went to Shibuya and wish there were more of these stores near my haunts!

    1. I visted shibuya a bit too often (it was the transit point when I visited other neiborhood) eventhough I am not a fan of how it feels, too much shops and just shops and the fashionable girls made me self conscious (I packed only comfortable/bland clothes and didn't wear makeup)...

      But then again it's harder to find visee avant, Rimmel elsewhere though.

    2. Oh, Japan will make you self-conscious no matter which neighborhood you're in. I was a JET in the inaka and was super self-concious all the time ^.^"


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