Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Niche-ish Beauty Brand - Kiss Cosmetics

I couldn't get a normal picture of Hachi no matter how hard I tried/how long I waited. It wasn't even a lucky shot (the guy was holding it for half a minute). 
seconds before #metoo #woof 
Here is the actual promo image. The brand actually has a dreamy mermaid vibe with all the bluish posters. 

Kiss (not to be confused with the cheapo American drugstore line that sells fake nail and false eyelashes) is another Japanese drugstore brands that's only available at select Matsukiyo.  It belongs Isehan, the maker of Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara (one of the five Japanese products that get mentioned on reddit), Kiss Me sunkiller and Kiss Me Ferme (their slightly grown-up makeup line). 

The brand was on my must-buy list as it's hard to find online but after looking through and swatching some. I only got a small piece of toy. 
Slide Rouge - A new release 
Lip gloss 
Nuance Luster Gloss - I love how they look but there is absolutely no buzz on weibo or Instagram that I assume the texture is nothing special. 
Loose powder
Makeup base and BB cream
Essence cream eye 
Cheek color stick - a lot of their colors are too straight up (without unique nuances that blends into different skintone) like American drugstore brands like LA girl and J Cats so they aren't interesting to me. 
The Dual Eyes was something that I was very interested (look at all those cool colors!) but after swatching them, the top row (Basic line with subdued satin finish) all look kind of dull and the bottom row (Shiny line that's all shimmery) don't swatch as amazing as they look in the pan. I got one to try out though.  
Accent Eyes - One of my favorite Chinese bloggers rave about the second brown (saying how amazing texture is) but I couldn't find a shade I like enough to try.
Powder cheek 
Brow products


  1. The Creamy Sheer Rouge is amazing! I bought several colors and still want to go back for more ^.^"

    LOL on Hachiko!

    1. Oh I need to check that out if I visit again (I still have more vacation days left), the packaging is cute as well.


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