Monday, January 28, 2019

Janurary 2019 Sighting - New Japanese Mask and Haircare Galore

I went to Chinatown again this weekend (as always) and I was trying to see if New Kam  Man is doing new year sale (that went on the last two year). Luckily there is no sale/no wallet damage and I spotted dozens of new products. 
Botanical Esthe 55 seconds mask. There is also adorable handwriten notes like what you see in Japanese drugstores.
Hydrating mist
Saborino morning mask
Two new scents- lime and strawberry
Is Wafood (Japanese food?) the brand or just description? This is moisturizing face pack made with the rice paste from sake.
Popo Labo facial foam, honey gel and other face pack mask)
They aren't new. I got the Clear Turn eye mask from Kose last year. It's really good at smoothing out dry lines and tightness. All I need is one after shower and sealed with any moisturizer and my eyes are energized for a whole day.
Estheny sea salt body scrub
Homare sake moisturizing toner (the handwriten note says also suitable for scalp)
Pantene Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner. My scalp has been super flakey and it got better when I was in Japan (I assume it's the water there) but now it's doing fine with Alterna (Sephora brand) so I won't switch for a while.
& Honey haircare. I am interested in the shampoo so I might get this next
Price is a bit expensive though
New packaging for Ichikami - I tried their old shampoo before and it was itchy as hell.
New Reveur one (old packaging was Mika Ninagawa full on floral) What's with all minimalism suddenly?
Muji a few blocks away was having skincare sale. I resisted because my current stash is way too big.
Almost got the snacks but the line that day (a sunny and nice day out) scared me away. Muji, please bring the matcha marble cake to US.
The fruit stand on weekend is like a British Parliament (or Renaissance painting). I giggled when I saw the sigh saying "Golden Passionfruit - King of all fruits")


  1. Oh I envy your proximity to all the yummy food and fruits and Japanese and Korean cosmetics ^.^

    1. He he that's something I am grateful for, although I think I use American skincare a little bit more (not that much of a mask addict and I dont use toner/japanese "lotion". I hope Canmake is as mainstream and easy to find as Etude House though.


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