Monday, December 03, 2018

The Chaos that is Don Quijote (Still Day One)

You know some word that evoke vivid imagery and sound when you hear them? Don Quixote always makes me think about the ballet suite with the majestic music and chivalrous yet comical dancer. 

Well, the image in my book is changing as I am visiting Japan. Apparently, Don Quijote (with J instead of X) is a discount department store that sells...all sorts of crap(I mean it endearingly because we all knows Mina loves buying crap) from grocery, clothes, electronics, housewares and health/beauty products. Did I mention it's a total chaos? Try imagine New York theatre district gift shop + times square noice + the crowed of Canal street with the charm of China's fea market (in a fifth tier city nonetheless) you will get an idea how it's like. 
There is a Donki around the corner from my hostel in Asakusa and it already gave me sensory overload, can't imagine how the shinjuku one will look like. The first floor has mini aquarium in the front and is filled with grocery. I shall jump straight to where is matters, the makeup. They are not in particular order because that's how things are at Donki. 
Limited hello kitty Lash glue by D Up.
Detclear light exfoliator with Sanrio Characters
The limited Majolica Majorca lip gloss in a mess of display. (They have every right to blame the tourists)
Kose lip color coat with limited print from Yazawa Ai's Neighborhood Story (yup I watched the Cantonese dubbed version!)
 Geez I forgot the brand...LB something?
Premium Rose Sorbet Rouge
There was a selection of Korean lip tint (This is Labiotte) but since most are quite marked up, they don't sell as well. 1600 gets you really good stuff from Flow Fushi and Excel...
16 brand  My first time seeing the brand.
Joul's Verni lip balm (like Dior lip Glow)
Peripera Airy Ink Velvet - I actually like this stuff a lot at the normal price (6-7 bucks). 1200 yen? Maybe not.
Kate lip oil and random holographic gloss.
Haha, the flopped to the max (in US) Revlon. Their Japanese blush are made domestically. 
Limited starry sky effect balm stain.
Elegance Lip Color in Oil? 
OK this is LB what was that picture before? (Please excuse my jet lagged self at 10pm) 
Found it, Angel Heart it is.
Peripera Cushion
More ink velvet
Shiseido sponge, sunscreen bb cream, face powder, Chouetools brushes (reviewed three years ago, they suck) and other tools.
Fasio - The neglected Kose sister.
DIY pierce your own ear kits (this frightens me. Guess the labor cost is too high there they don't have walmart to do the dirty job).
Coffret Dor Hello Kitty compacts all locked up.
All sold out - Suhada Kinenbi powder
Reddit's favorite Melano CC with toner, mask and Milky essence.
Refa and Hello Kitty massage bar whatever it's called.
powder foundation brush...
Nursery Yuzu cleansing gel. I rather get it from Amazon than hauling it back home.
Lastly. Colorful hydrants...I am sure I missed something but I need to shower now.


  1. LOL my poor hubby used to have to stand outside and wait while I browse any and all Don Quijote (been spelling it wrong this whole time, oops!) because it's sensory overload for him too ^.^"

    1. It's more like they spelled it wrong all these time. Or did it on purpose to get the copyright.


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