Sunday, November 04, 2018

The Weekend is for Spying - November 2018 Edition

Actually most pictures are from two weeks ago but here we go. From new Kam Man - Suhada Kinenbi (kind of means Bare Skin Anniversary) powder on the right (something like a really light powder to fake a no makeup look) that smells strong but nice. On the left there are two color changing lip balm. With the peach one already sold out. 
After buying three from Amazon prime. I found that Lao Gan Ma (Which really is China's national treasure) Black Bean chili sauce is only 2.25 at New Kam Man. Anyway, I got a huge zit from finishing a bottle in a week...Still worth it.
I found these Loreal colour riche shine lipsticks at CVS and the quality is surprisingly good!
Dove has a new cleanser, on my to try list (I still have too many lined up).
Muji is doing a flash sale on hand cream and the neroli one is really yummy. I have and love many of their skin care but never really reviewed any because they are so no-frill and effective (not a lot to write about).
While at muji, I bought a back up of this gathered skirt because I have one since August and it was great for running errands and work. Right now it's 30% off (additional 20% off for two clearance items) so I got this and a top almost half off. 
This linen cardigan is also from Muji and it was so popular that it didn't stay long on the shelves.  Anyway, the gingham dress was also a back up (yeah I get double for stuff I wear all the time) and clearance find from Urban Outfitters.
Nyx glitter glam eyeshadow. There is a silver taupe I really liked but I resisted.
Liniere has cute Moomin pouches but I have to remind myself I have way too many of them anyway.
Now it's getting cooler, I am going around looking for tea at TJmaxx. Their selection isn't as good nowadays but I impulse bought that Hyleys matcha and isn't bad at all!
So...Am I the only person who hates avocado with toast? (On the reflection is bag from Deluxe Food Market because that's what I do on weekend).
Issey Miyake dress - Love the color (of course out of my budget by a light year)
Dahing Florist at Chinatown had the cutest succulents (I got it for four bucks!) Two weeks later the arm all extended that it didn't grow up as cute. 
I am on a yarn destash right now and this is my newest make (it just found a new home today).
A huge passion fruit just because.
I had Totto ramen with friend...Food was good but line was too damn long (and the sign up sheet I wrote on disappeared so we waited extra 30mins). Should have gone to Chinatown instead. 
Potted rice from Pho Bang ($12 bucks and busy but no line everytime I went!)
Lastly, blue sky of New Jersey. That's all for "random pictures on my phone that didn't make it to Instagram". Until next time!


  1. I love Lao Gan Ma chili sauce with peanuts! So good! And try avocados on cranberry walnut toasts sprinkled with matcha salt :)

    1. I have been eating avocado with laoganma! I love avocado by itself, but hate it with bread or other starchy stuff.

      And it just occured to me this photo dump post is really scatter brained...

    2. LOL I enjoyed the post! The hat looks great! Love the checkered design.

  2. The Taiwanese Youtubers I follow love the L'Oreal shine lipsticks, one was like "it's so ugly but the quality is so good!" Lol

    1. haha it's not that ugly. I was surprised that the quality is kind of like YSL oil in rouge. If I get a coupon I will get a red one next time!


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