Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Opera Lip Tint in 02 Pink

02 Pink is one of the three Opera Lip Tints I bought last summer. From what I have tried, the texture has been consistent across three shades, they are smooth oil kind of glossy, nothing thick or greasy and the shiny finish is quite tasteful.
02 Pink is a nude pink that's smooth, somewhat grown up (not in a dated way). It got a bit of creaminess that blends away like a rosy milk tea, slightly opaque without the dreaded chalky white base. 
I really loved this shade for the first 30 seconds it was applied...Then you know how it went: It took one minute to turn bright pink then 10 mins later. It's grandma magenta again...
At least I can sort of wear it when I am not too tanned. I suppose I will only go for really warm shades from this range (before that I still have a pink-red to review).


  1. Omg try #4 Orange! It's a gorgeous orange-orange!

    1. I got it this year and it's the only one that didn't go hot pink on me (it turns coral on me).

  2. What gorgeous beauty shots and a pretty color! Sorry to hear you don't love the color to the end. It looks so pretty, though! I think almost all tints in pink hues turn on me as well, and it kinda makes me nervous because it's always different.

    1. Right now I try to only buy warm leaning shades but even that wouldnt work. Apparently orange would look clown bright when my lips are purple...

      If you like the back drop, I have more coming (not directly on top of the flowers though, they are delicate)...I made sure to seize the moment with summer flowers...(I missed most spring one since this year the Cherry blossom week was so short and rainy).


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