Friday, August 03, 2018

Glossier Boy Brow, Milky Jelly Cleanser and Showroom Sneak

After being completely deflated by their Cloud Paints (failing to see what's so special about those), I decided to give it a second chance. My excuse was that, I was in the mood for some souvenir for my first (and hopefully last) visit to the showroom/store. 

My friends and I were at Chinatown (stuffed with dimsum and needed to walk them off), planning to visit Kiko but the store at World Trade Center closed down permanently already...
Boy Brow is another of Glossier iconic best seller that people would wait in line for (we just walked in as it was death of winter/early March). The amount of Instagram/Instagram/youtube coverage was insane that it got me a little curious.  
It's a semi pasty brow pomade with a small wand. It tints and set the brow and it's so special that...nah it's quite generic.
Bare Brow (I should have combed my brow but well) - Minimal bald patch because it's summer (and my brow grows like weed in hot weather)
Boy Brow in Black, the shade choice was an epic fail because it's very cool black with blue undertone. Both  the color and  intensity are extremely unnatural when I brush it on, but slightly less hideous when I am super light handed (then it would just look like a less flattering version of Essence or Catrice brow gel).  

I can't say much for wear time as I was dying to take it off every time I played with it. At least I could wipe it off easily with cotton soaked with micellar water. 
Maybe the shade brown or clear are better fit for me but I have better ways to spend $16: I can get some very high quality yarn, a yard of Japanese cotton fabric or a brow pencil/powder that doesn't turn me into Crayon Shin-Chan and don't forgot all the food options out there ($16 gets you very far in Chinatown). 

Anyway, given that Glossier's slogan was "skin first, makeup second" , maybe their skincare products are better.
The store was running a deal so I got to save a few bucks getting Boy Brow and Milky Jelly Cleanser. The cleanser has a very pleasant and comforting powdery rose scent, a none sticky jelly consistency that feels so refreshing and pampering. 
While it doesn't remove sunscreen or base makeup, it's perfect for morning cleanse when I have some skincare residue or oil/sweat from the night before. Aside from the hard to press pump, I enjoyed using it. Anyway, you can get a lot of other great cleanser between 15-20 bucks (Andalou is much less and I ran through five bottles already) so it's not on my must-repurchase list. 

Enough with review, here comes spy pictures.
When I visited the store, they were pushing the liquid eyeshadow (Lidstar ahem)so I played with them a bit. The cream shadow is  pigmented, budge proof once dry, not too easy to sheer out. I do like many of the shades as they are interesting (a nice in between that's neither boring neutral or clown brights...) but also quite wearable.  The finish is just glowy kind of shimmery but there isn't any complex, multicolored shimmer like Colorpop (or any Japanese brands shadow). 
At $18 dollars a piece they are not worth the price so I didn't get any to play with. Anyway, I already own comparable shades with much better texture (from Decorte, Visee Avant and Esprique) that there was no need getting duplicates. 
The little sink area with their mask, serum, lip balm and body lotion.
Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. I am a wee tempted by the concealer because the reflective cap makes just a cute object to photograph (maybe I should get rmk instead)..Anyway I have no use for creamy sheer coverage concealer (my under eye area isn't too dark) and this won't work on hyperpigmentation. 
Lastly, the beautiful display of Cloud Paint that I love hating. 


  1. Off topic but did you hear/read about shiseido revamping their whole entire makeup line? They needed too because everything was getting so stale. I hardly buy anything from shiseido. Their makeup and foundations especially are really expensive in Australia ($70aud+) and none of the shades are exact match for me. Their lipsticks n blushes are nice but kinda boring selection. I can get more shade range from MAC etc. I wish i supported shiseido japanese brand more but their high price tag and limited/boring shade range puts me off them.

  2. Yeah, I saw the new range on weibo and revamped or not it's still the same done to death color theme or stuff thats either clown bright or grandma neutral. I always know shiseido had good quality but I dont care for an Asian equivalent of estee lauder.

    It's pointless when it's the same team of people with outdated ideas and colors so I dont think the revamp will do anything (except piss people off when get get rid of some classics).

  3. Omg my "natural beauty friend" is super in Andalou. I want to try it now

    1. I just restock two Andalou cream cleanser from Marshalls because it was $4.5 a piece!


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