Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Collective Spy Cam - Essence, Revlon, Black Radiance and Wet n Wild

More spy pictures from Harmon taken on Sunday. 
New blushes from Essence. (Catrice has a bunch of new stuff but they aren't interesting)
Metal shock eyeshadow - most shades are too straight up (doesn't look like they will blend well into skin)
Holo Wow dewy lip shine. I know I like dewy but the green caught my eyes right away. I resisted then but I think I might cave in next time I visit (maybe I will get the purple as well). To be honest, I have stage III lipstick snobbery (when you have a bunch, you end up only reach for high end) so I feel bad buying drugstore lippie as I won't touch them more than once.
Matte lipstick
Metal shock lip paint
New eyeshadow singles and palette
Revlon Chrome Sweet Chrome - Meh I have seen these kind of shades already.
The TJ Maxx at Chelsea has a ton of lipsticks from Kat Von D, Bobbi Brown Luxe (atomic orange) and lipstick queen silver screen.
Nars dual intensity eyeshadow
Pixi eyeliner...
From Rite Aid - Black Radiance Moon Beam highlighter. 
Wet n Wild Fire vs Ice Dragon
British Sterling - I like the lipglosses! (And it's cheap enough as toy)
Goth o Graphic - The holographic shadow is cool but it's like a less complex version of Milani or J Cat
New Revlon Cushion lip tint - All those shade look like they are are straight copy of the old Balm Stain. Is the new creative director capable of coming up with any new shade? 
Clairol rereleased the Herbal Essences shampoo (they discontinued it at 2006)...too bad it smells nothing like the grapefruit one from back in the day. 

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