Wednesday, August 08, 2018

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow - Bubble Bee, Special Delivery and Cricket

As an eyeshadow snob (who hate hypes), I have to admit I actually quite like Colourpop. Their super shock shadow come in a rainbow of colors (and dozens of gimmick collections each year), most of the shades are either matte or highly shimmery/metallic. The shades are fun and well-thought out... Almost every non-matte shade has complex shimmer that doesn't look like a glob of paint. They look good without much blending and color-coordinating effort.

 I actually accumulated quite a few Super Shock Shadow in the last two years, I haven't reviewed most of them because they have ridiculously short shelf live. Most of the matte ones became totally unusable after 3-4 months and the shimmery ones gets pretty dried up within a year. At 5 dollars a piece, these aren't exactly good deal if I have to remind myself to use them up within a few months.
 I was supposed to stop buying Colourpop already (I have a few of their pressed shadow, they are nothing special at 5 dollars a piece) but when a free shipping event came up, I got tempted again. Here are some of my Supershock Shadow that haven't dried out yet.  The two brighter ones are new shades released this year.
Special Delivery is a metallic aqua green with a soft gold sheen. You can see the multi-color flecks and the lively effect. Bubble Bee is a carrot orange in a matching gold sheen, even it looks more mono tonal it's not a flat golden orange. 
 Special delivery applied very closed to lashline (because it's insanely metallic and blingy). 
 Since it's summer (when eyeshadow is attacked by both the high humidity outside and oil/sweat from my own skin), the shadow melts and dulls down pretty quickly but I think it will be much better when the heatwave goes away.
 Even thought Bubble Bee is super warm, I am surpised that it's actually quite flattering as well.
I just to contained it within my small lid space so it doesn't look oompa loompa.
 I didn't take a picture of the shadow, Cricket has been around for a few years and it's such a beautiful purple taupe with a wine base (but doesn't look bruisy) and bronze shimmer. It's very pigmented and easy to blend on the lids.
 And I just love to wear it semi-sheer, like a gloss on the eyes.
 This is my favorite kind of shade for winter and I hope it's still usable by then.
Here is the Where the Light is quad by Kathleen Lights from early 2016. They all turned into rocks before I got to review them and do a clear swatch when I get good lighting in spring...
It's kind of sad because all of the darker shades works wonderfully alone.
Cornelius - Is the slightly reddish matte beige brown works well as a muted lid shade. This is the first one to turn stone hard...
Glow - Matte beige. A good base that I am too lazy to use most of the time.
Kathleen Lights - Intense brownish copper
Blaze - A metallic olive brown


  1. OMG Cricket looks amazing! But are they pressed or cream I can't really tell ^.^"

    1. Oops they are in between (they wear like hybrid) but it looks like mashed potato/very damped pressed pigment kind of texture.

    2. Ah I see. Hmm...on the fence fearing creasing on my oily lids...


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