Thursday, July 05, 2018

Rhoto Melano CC, Timeless C E Ferulic Acid Serum and Korres Wild Rose Oil

Happy almost Friday! Here are more vitamin c reviews (three in one post!) that I need to squeeze in before the week is over.

Rhoto Melano CC is another reddit favorite (that's otherwise kind of basic among other Japanese drugstore products). I got one on sale for 8 dollars while I needed a cart filler to get free shipping. I didn't really expect much given the price.
Melano CC is marketed as a anti spots, acne mark serum that actually inhibits acne formation (I can see why as it's hella drying). The main ingredients are ascorbic acid(vitamin C), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), and licorice extract. I saw ascorbyl isopalmatate (another form of vitamin C) but I suppose it's more of an antioxidant sort of preservative. 

The packaging is exceptionally effective as it's airtight (until you open the small tip), uv proof and it doesn't oxidize due to the small opening. I purchased and started testing it back it fall 2016 and one and half year later the product inside are still good to use. (when vitamin c oxidize it started to give a rusty smell and orange stain and it's irritating and no longer effective). 
The yuzu scented serum has a clear oil consistency and it's easy to spread on the face, while I do see brightening, it was way too drying for me during fall and winter. Basically I tried it for a few days then noped my way out when I saw deep dry lines forming under my eyes and around my mouth. It was getting rid of one sign of aging (spots) but giving me another one (lines) in return.

After the short initial trial, I shelved it away only to remember it when summer arrived. With the warmth and +80% humidity, the drying formula is no longer an issue since I wake up everyday a grease ball. Even though the oily serum isn't the most luxurious one to rub around face, I notice that C glow (a healthy skin tone I get when I use a good vitamin C product overnight) and some spot fading. I will keep it as targeting treatment for the rest of summer. The formula great for people living in a warm humid area and/or with oily skin. 

I supposed I can use it for winter as well as long as I follow with thick layers of moisturizer...But why make life complicated when I got hydrating vitamin C (Haba) and niacinamide to do the job anyway?
Timeless 20% vitamin C + vitamin E with ferulic acid is another basic/sciency serum with formula similar to the (very expensive one by Skinceutical), there is 20% ascorbic acid to fill the brightening antioxidant job with vitamin E and ferulic acid to stabilize the solution. 

When ordered directly from the site (I got it as a BOGO deal with their Q10 serum last Halloween), it's freshly made and comes in a slightly whitish clear color. The formula is slightly oily (but I find it just a bit drying during cooler months), somewhat exfoliating but didn't cause any reaction for the few days I used it. Anyway, this review (or preview) is more or less pointless because I got sidetracked by another serum and abandoned it, four months later it oxidized already...

Since I liked the Q10 serum that came with it I am ordering another bottle (and will make sure to give it my undivided attention).
Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Rose Oil is a winner of Allure's Beauty awards (I have tried a few of those prize winner that are crap so...I never found it reliable) and something I have tried in store and liked. When a half sized bottle came as a part of holiday set from 2016, I got the set to try out. The formula is  (an undisclosed percentage of) ascorbyl tetraisopalmatate, rose oil and rosehip oil in a base that's mainly caprylic/capric triglyceride. 

The rose oil smells delightful (why I got it) and has a somewhat dry silicone oil texture that lightly seals in moisture and makes skin somewhat luminous. Other than the great scent, it feels more or less the same as cheaper options with the same base oil. 

After using it nightly for three weeks, I didn't notice anything major so I stopped bothering. Jurlique facial oil was more hydrating and even 12-buck rosehip oil from Marshall was more brightening. Anyway, I was able to make use of this wonderful scent: Every week, I put half a pump of this on my palm and dip my Qtip in...My ear canals have never been this refreshed.


  1. I am currently using Melano CC and probably will buy another tube then switch back to White Lady. Like you said, I myself was a bit surprised to see it's not as hydrating despite the dry oil like consistency. I also have the lotion but haven't tried it, yet.

    1. My tube seems to last forever (as target treatment) so I am not sure when I need another one (it's not going bad either) but I am waiting on a new bottle of timeless because I still have some residual acnes mark that I need to fade...Haba is more of my youth glow potion.


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