Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mamonde Oil Shine Stick in Nude Rose and Pop Pink

Another I shouldn't be wasting time on these but the pictures are cute post...I reviewed one of Mamonde's Oil Shine Stick before and the quality is meh (average drugstore slippy texture that's maybe similar to current offering from Maybelline or Revlon ) and the color was an unflattering shade of grandma magenta...

The only reason I got more was because 1) It was cheap on Aritaum's Korean site and I needed something to reach free shipping. 2.(on a different day) Aritaum's Chinatown store was running a BOGO deal on these so my friend gave me free one. 
No.9 Nude Rose is (not what I call Nude rose) a mixture of brown and pink...While it looks nice and neutral in the tube but just looks off sitting on the skin. It has shimmer and a really weird white base with the slippy formula. The most annoying part of all is that it leaves hot pink stain underneath that stays for / pretty much ruins my day (no swatch picture here because I didn't want to commit to this hideous color for the second time). 
Pop Pink is a bright pink with (goddamnit) white base and a flamingo pink lean. This is a shade I can wear slightly more comfortably but I don't really reach for it since I got Revlon Sorbet and Sweet Tart, both are way prettier and non-staining.
So far my experience with these Mamonde lipsticks isn't horrible. The formula isn't bad and the scent is really delightful. Out of all three colors I have gotten, they all look like "cheap 90s makeup" in terms of shading and texture... At 12 bucks they aren't cheap, not to mention I can get pretty trendy and wearable shades from Wet n Wild (which is only 3-5 dollars). 

Straight to garbage they go.


  1. Urgh. White base in lipstick just ruins everything if you ask me. Not a fan here either.

    1. Yup...But those brands kept making them. Anyway,I just don't think I have much luck when it comes to Korean lip makeup, even Aritaum Tinted lip balm has a white was actually a good formula!

  2. Off topic but have you seen anything at the drugstore that caught your eye? Like new Revlon, Maybelline, Loreal etc? Have you noticed every brand including drugstore is offering 40+ foundation shades lolz? I've been so snobby lately i mostly buy high end MAC (well it's high end here in AUS), Estee Lauder, Clinque etc (surprisingly good i bought some Clinique stuff will report back later)

    1. That's not snobby...I think American drugstore are just crap right now (and I am more hesitent buying highend because the quality of YSL are not better than drugstore brands back in 2012 ish) they started drain the talent from drugstore/making those color look tacky and cheap so that people would spend 30+ dollars just to not look cheap...

      Jokes on them people just ended up buying KBeauty, Colorpop and glossier now...The customers aren't stupid/loaded with cash. Anyway, clinique is pretty reasonably priced for department store brands so I see why you like it.


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