Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Integrate Sweet Trick Eyes VI211

If you have seen my older reviews of Integrate Sweet Trick Eyes (For the brown one and taupe one ) This one is not any different. I hate these palette, I just made the mistake of buying all three around the same time before finding out they are garbage. Anyway, my pictures were kind of cool (please allow me to blow my own horn once in a while) so I felt obligated to put up the review. 

 VI211 is a soft pinkish violet with a nice purple taupe liner. All the three pans have the same medium intensity, dry gritty texture that's frosty (instead of glowy on the lid). The glitter travels everywhere (eyelashes, cheeks, eyebrow...) but the shadow isn't particularly long lasting.

 It's sad that the purple taupe is actually quite complex and if the formula is better, it would make a lovely lid shade. The other two are just glittery sand that's lumpy during summer and scratchy during winter.

 Anyway, I guess the good part is this particular pastel combo actually shows up pretty well. I would actually enjoy this kind of purple if it has a different formula.

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