Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Hakuhodo Hello Kitty Retractable Face Brush J601

Back in 2015 (when the exchange rate was most favorable for people in US) Hakuhodo released a dozen collaborative collections with Sanrio (My Melody, Hello Kitty and Little Twin Star) and a few of those limited goodies made a quick appearance on Hakuhodo's American site. Anyway, by the time I realize they were available, the stock were wipe out already. 

I only decided that I needed one of those in my life when it was no longer available on Japanese site (I only stalk Fudejapan for that). Luckily there is good old eBay and I happened to came by a coupon, bringing it pretty close to Japanese retail. 
The Retractable Face brush with (kind of) retro Kitty print is the same model as JP601PI, a rouge tip face brush with 100% goat hair. 
The brush is dense, resilient and firm enough for hard powder but it's very smooth and comfortable on the cheek. While it's not airy as the squirrel brushes, it still deposit and blends blushes evenly and with precision. It sure is a lot more pleasant that the goat brushes from Sonia Kashuk (which itself is darn good for the price).
The only downside I could think of is that the white fiber retains the blush color (which is cute if you only use one shade of blush), it ends up looking ruddy after a few changes. 

Anyway, I love the quality of this and since it's so good, there is no need for repurchase.

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