Monday, July 16, 2018

Flowfushi Moteliner in Cherry Cheek

Colored brush tip eyeliners, especially ones in rainbow colors are getting more and more popular these days. Luckily for me, I am immune to this trend since I collected a whole bunch last year (as the trend was been-here-done-that in Japanese market). 

Flowfushi is a fairly specialized brand that mainly focuses on eye products like mascara and liners (although they also have cushion foundation and has a range of lip gloss) and their brush pen eyeliner is a frequent winner of magazine awards. In addition to their permanent line up (features shades of black, brown and navy), they introduced a limited red shade last spring. It sold so well that it was later made permanent.
It's called Moteliner (what the whole liquid liner range is called) in Cherry Cheek. A silly name since mote means popular to other sex. The brush comes with octagonal body painted  metallic red. It  has a solid construction that's easy to hold, feeling like an expensive pen.  The brush is supposedly made by the craftsmen of Kumano, the home of expensive art, calligraphy and makeup brushes. 
The tips is resilient and very easy to control. I have had this since last fall and it runs smooth every time I used it. The color of Cherry Cheek is actually quite special, it's a sheer watery red with a hint of ruddiness. It's undeniably red but still manage to be quite neutral. 
Blue one is there so that the auto focus doesn't blur it out. Cherry Cheek has the sheer formula that's not often seen in eyeliner but I really like it, it's a nice blushing look without looking like infection and it blends seamlessly with most neutral toned eyeshadow. 

I am not up to date with all the innovation of Japanese makeup but I notice the formula is water and sweat proof and best of all, it's not staining and easily removed with warm water or soap! Western brands need to start take note! 
Here it is with Suqqu Sakurakaba (not showing well because I have tanned like a mofo)...Also I am getting sunspot on my lids already.
Unlike other fun shades eyeliner (that I wear mostly during summer), Cherry Cheek is great for all seasons and I could wear that to work without raising eyebrow. I think they Flow Fushi also promises some lash conditioning effect but I don't wear it frequent enough to notice anything. Anyway, I am very happy with the purchase (I also has a brown one that's wearable and a bit boring) and can't wait to see what they will come up next. 

Lastly here is all my blush toned liners so far...
NYX vivid matte in Vivid Sapphire (cool formula great colors but they crack on my lids), Flow Fushi Cherry Cheek, Stila Paradise Pink (clearance find at Marshalls), Urban Decay Fireball, msh Loveliner in Burgundy Brown and Pink Brown (rival of moteliner), NYX Vivid Fire (yeah it also cracks) and Urban Decay Woodstock (long discontinued)

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