Monday, July 30, 2018

Coffret D'Or Smile Up Cheek in Peach

Coffret D'Or Smile Up Cheeks has been around the market for quite sometime and it has been to first packaging revamp last year. Through out its long tenure (in the makeup world that is) it has won several awards, released numerous limited editions and has just been through a packaging revamp. I have several previous version for 2-3 years and now I am finally reviewing it. Blush is the kind of makeup that requires decent skin texture and an thin, even base to reach its optimum potential, otherwise things get thick and cakey easily. It's only recently that I can have fun with them again. 
There were four shades in the original line up, while limited edition would have cuter heart, flower or roses print (I got some of them too). I am a big fan of slim and streamlined packaging and Coffret D'Or blushes are polar opposite of that.  Each plastic compact is size of a palm and 2-3x as thick, making them easy to find but hard to store. 
The main reason of its size is that each compact comes with a horse haired brush. It's machine cut (I am spoiled by naturally tapered tips now I am even mentioning the cut) but none the less practical and not scratchy. 
02 Peach is a warm coral swirl with creamy highlight on the outer ring. When you swirl the color and apply it in circle to your cheek, it gives you a subtle flush with soft highlight. From my limited experience with highlighter, the Japanese ones are usually meant to enhance the texture of skin (rather than bone structure) and Coffret D'Or is one that add an instant "puff" to the apples. While the flush part is visible in one swipe, it's relatively hard to over do for the heavy handed ones. 
While the powder isn't the silkiest in the market and there is some color being kicked off (they are well contained in the huge pan anyway), the adherence and spreading to skin is really good and it's something that I could wear just on top of sunscreen. When you have it on top of minimal coverage/mild spots, it gives a transparent quality to the skin. 
The brush itself is perfect for the product so I forgive them for making the blush humongous. I got three more of them which tells how much I like this particular formula.
Swatch next to Urban Decay Fireball eyeliner (because the lack of texture makes it hard to auto focus). I am too taned (and too sweaty) to wear it right now but the warm peach is my favorite during fall time, it goes perfectly with cushy knit and long cotton skirt...

Hmmm, now I want to go to Muji to check out their new stuff. I just got my hipster shoes from Marshalls and now I need more loose skirt/pants to go with them. 

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