Sunday, July 22, 2018

And Other Stories Cheek and Lip Tint

I don't shop at fast fashion joints that much because I have a relatively active lifestyle (aka no car, walk or bus everywhere) but once in a while, I stop by one of them to check out their makeup. With American drugstore brands that stopped trying (I know, Maybelline and LOreal are doing sheer lipsticks again but their colors just don't look as well thought out as they used to), I need brands to fill my affordable toys (that are not too expensive but available locally)  void. 

One day while walking back to bus terminal from a Chinatown produce haul (that's my work out). I saw their beautiful display of dresses and just had to step in with my bags of veggies. 
Sadly (more like luckily) there is non my size and I wasn't paying 80-90 bucks for polyester with wimpy stitching. I turned around and saw the makeup. The sad news is that they have discontinued a bunch of shades from the tin lipgloss (that's like NYC lip slider) and raised the price by 2 bucks, while the good news is that lots of their colored makeup are on clearance!
I have been wanting to try their cream blush for the longest time, at $18 they are a little steep consider the texture didn't seem spectacular and packaging reminds me of Essence. However, $9 is more reasonable that I could justify getting all three. Let's get to individual shades! 
Carillon Bloom is a creamy mauve pink that looks like it might give off some dolly pasty cheek (see, I don't really like white base in any makeup). My worry is gone as soon as I swatched it, while it's neither oily or creamy, the color has a lovely dewy translucency to it and it's softly glowy kind of rosy pink.  
Swayback Plum is a vintage plum that looks modern (look like the flushed  blush  applied very close to eyes) and classic at the same time. The texture of all three are the same gel that's neither slippy or too compact so it's easy to blend but wont diffuse into a huge area like Glossier. 
The pigmentation is good as I only need a 2-3 finger tip dabs to show up nicely. Like other good cream blush, it sits well with minimal canvas needed (I can easily wear them on top of sunscreen). As lip tint, they provide an even all over stain without drying
Kick Pleat Red is my favorite of the three, the juicy orange red brightens/lightens the face and make it bouncy like jello. Canmake has a similar shade (Clear Cute Strawberry) that's more on the pinkish side but Kick Pleat Red really just clicks. 
Overall all three shades are really well thought-out that instead of throwing random bright colors into the palette, they actually care how the products melt and sit on skin. 

Anyway, I have worn Kick Pleat Red in the morning (instead of putting them on when I  get home) kind of overkilled it actually, and in three or four hours the clown blush disappeared. It was a fairy breezy and cool day and I wore a particularly mattifying sunscreen so this is no excuse for such a short wear. 

Anyway, it just means that 9 dollars was the right price to pay as its quality is level with Revlon Colorstay cream blush (aka still loads better than Cloud paint).


  1. Too bad about the staying power, because Kick Pleat Red is gorgeous! Btw, I was gone for a week and came back to see you have posted a bunch!!!

    1. I found my (backup) card reader so I was able to upload some pictures...It seems it's MIA again when I loaded the SD card back...Afterall I never really stopped hoarding crap (my newest hobby is fabrics but I still got a few eyeshadow singles last two weeks) plus a palette from Jill Stuart fall collection!


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