Saturday, June 09, 2018

Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon

You are probably like "What year is it? Why are you still reviewing lip butter?" Well, since Almay is discontinuing the Butter Lipstick (the same thing), this iconic drugstore formula might be gone for good. I might as well put a closure on this.

Actually, I took the pictures almost three years ago and forgot about it...I know it was fall 2015 because I (couldn't get used to the Panasonic GF5/ and its flashy effects) and gave it to mom in 2016...
If you are from US, Macaroon would be an unfamiliar shade since it wasn't available here. I remember seeing Youtube star Sasaki Asahi talking about it and I decided I needed it in my life. 
Macaroon is hard to pinpoint, it's a combination of red, brown and burnished orange, all infused with a strong golden sheen. While the finish is very much metallic, it's still on the brightening wearable side than being dramatic.
The formula is smooth with some slip and it's rather pigmented. I wouldn't call it moisturizing but the formula is similar to the equally glittery Peach Parfait. 
Macaroon is actually the kind of color that's very popular this last two years. I am sad that the formula is gone as it was a range that shows you "makeup doesn't have to be expensive to look expensive". 

Things are different nowadays, if you want a piece of Gucci Westman's creativity, stuff from her own brand is around 50 bucks a piece. I think she is worth every penny,.I am just not buying any, ha. 


  1. That is a gorgeous color, although I got tired of how pigmented these lip butters are :(

  2. They are indeed, even the sheer formula from western brands are more on the dramatic side...That's why I like them as my only bright makeup item (I don't wear eye/cheek/brow makeup when I wear bright lipstick).

    I have gotten a shine formula of Tom Ford lipstick and it's borderline clown mouth on me.

  3. I find none of the drugstore brands make these type of shades nowadays. Only the high end brands make them. These days, everyone favours the crazy weird Instagram shades that only looks good on social media. Like who the hell would want to wear purple or blue lipsticks? Or those popular white based brown nudes. Although I feel it's starting to change as apparently lipgloss is back. Remember those Dior fluid addict lipsticks? Or those loreal color riche extraordinaire glosses and Maybelline Color Elixir glosses? They back in fashion.

    1. I know's almost as if the parent company purposefully only do cheap colors for their drugstore brands so people would spend on their highend counterpart...I remember there were those summer releases from Maybelline and Revlon back in 2011-2013...these colors are prettier than similar ones from suqqu!

      Anyway, joke on them because I just avoid Loreals highend out of spite now...because I know I used to get the same quality for 1/4 the price.

    2. PS. I actually thinks glosses and sheer lip colors are always in fashion (at least Chanel YSL Dior always had them when LOreal the parent brands pulled them out from Maybelline and LOreal drugstore brand).

      They just pushed those trashy and unwearable shades in drugstore so people (older-than-teen women with more spending power had to go for expensive YSL when they want something like a pretty sheer coral/watermelon red)...

      I still can't get over how pretty those Maybelline color Sensational (coral lustre and caribbean coral luster) shine are and I haven't found a comparable highend lipstick in those shade...sigh


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