Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Lunasol Aurorized Eyes in 02 Light Variation

Back in 2015-2016, I was hoarding one Lunasol palette after another as they were becoming less popular (and easier to find with discount). Lot of them were left in storage as I focused on using drugstore ones. Now that summer is here, with 90% humidity (which translates to smoother eye area) it is time to pick up these glittery palettes again, it's like going through my wardrobe of sundresses while the weather allows. 
The Aurorized Collection was released back in Fall 2010 and 02 Light Variation is (the only shade) still in the permanent line up. I can totally see why as the light glossy eyes is still very much in style. I just wish the purple, rose-brown and navy ones are still around since Lunasol hasn't come up with any comparable replacement.
From top left going clockwise there is a skin beige (that only adds a glow without too much powdery finish), soft pink, medium brown, soft yellow and white glitter top coat. Despite being mostly pastel, the three soft shades shows up and layer well without a chalky white base underneath. 
The overall look is softly glossy, defining without being smokey.  Still the Lunasol grown-up without being too mature. I think I was wearing Cezanne brow powder in 02 as well (because I usually don't wear brow product unless it's badly trimmed.
This is a hushed look (I kind of mixed every color together and called it a day) but at least you can see How well the powder sits on skin. 
Wrist swatch of Soft Variation
One more product shot


  1. Your post makes me want to pull out my Lunasols again! Speaking of which, did you see the fall collection? Looks pretty interesting!

    1. It looks like excel a little...I like the look but deeper shades leaning satin usually aren't as flattering...So I will have to wait for reviews.


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