Sunday, June 10, 2018

Chicca Flush Blush Powder in 06

When it comes to cheek color, I find it hard to justify spending a premium on highend because they (blushes in the same color family) more or less blend into the same shade on the face. But one a while something is so beautiful that I had to cave in. 

Yup, I did it for the packaging (and found out it's not just a pretty face).
As a big fan of Chicca lipstick who already had three (well 4 is unlucky number so I couldn't simply add one more into my collection), I thought I want to have at least one of their cheek color as well. 
When I placed my order, Chicca Flush Blush Powder 06 was a newest addition from Fall 2016. Just weeks after my purchase, Chicca overhauled the whole range in January 2017 and replaced it with Flawless Glow Flush Blush Powder. 

The new range started with two shade each in powder and cream form and has been adding new color every season. So far the newest shade 05 Mango Press looks like 06 from the previous version (but I can't say exactly how similar they are).
Like many high end brands (Cle de Peau, Kanebo Global come to mind), the refill and case are sold separately. I opt for the case (2000yens extra) because I am the type never reach for products once I depot them.
Of course they had to make you feel special with the white dust magnet. On the bright side, the glimmering compact is substantial (once you put the pre-glued pan in) but not bulky and doesn't attract fingerprint and dust.

So far all rambling are about the packaging but the blush was a surprise (from someone who think Canmake was all I need). The powder pan is very tightly packed that it doesn't feel powdery at all.

 A normal finger swipe doesn't pick up enough to show (and I wasn't going to poke hard so no swatch here) but a horse hair brush can pick up and deposit a thinnest even layer. It's incredibly natural on the face, texturally undetectible and hard to overdo with multiple layers.

(I didn't say impossible to overdo because I kept on adding more and more as it was so natural. The blooper was only on my right cheek, as I am right handed.)
The effect Chicca Flush Blush 06 delivers is just what it promises, a reddish coral flush radiated from the warmth of your body.  It's a youthful look that's also suitable for grown-up/mature skin types.  Since the powder also has a little bit of white base tone, it lightly blurs away smaller tonal and textural imperfections. In a way, it's as low maintenance as cream blush as I can use it on top of sunscreen (and no other base makeup).

I don't usually notice wear time of a blush(I sweat and rub my face during the day) unless it wears terribly or exceptionally well. I am happy to report that it's the latter with Chicca. Not only it lasts through 10 hours work day, looking freshly applied (on top of sunscreen). On another off/play day when I overdid my right cheek, the blooper also stayed with me for the entire day/night (and that's what sold me).

Verdict: I need more!

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