Saturday, June 30, 2018

Biore Aqua Rich Essence Watery Sunscreen Essence and Gel - 2017 Version

Ever since the last major revolution in the sunscreen world (around 2010 when Japanese brands gradually made the shift from white out lotion to moisturizing essence gel type), the Asian market is not short of effective sunscreen that's also pleasant on the skin. I have tried and like the feel of Essence from Anessa and Kiss Sunkiller and today I will show you a cult favorite on Reddit's r/Asianbeauty: Biore Aqua Rich. 

I have no clue how/why it got so popular there, actually I don't know how Reddit works as it's 70-80% Korean products with the rest of posts about Biore Sunscreen, Kikumasamune toner (High Moist) and Hadalabo... I get KBeauty is all the hype these days (no I actually don't get it) but what befuddled me was the Japanese items, as the one that are most liked are kind of basic (with dozens of comparable items in the market). 

Like many lines Biore updates their formula every few years (and come up with limited edition packaging almost yearly). When I saw the 2017 edition with illustration of Maetel by Matsumoto Reiji, this suddenly became a must have. I am just a sucker for anime collaboration. 
The 2017 limited edition features hot pink packaging with drawing of Maetel (what Google told me) and is floral scented. I got both the gel and lotion. 

The brand didn't revamp the formula this year, instead they came up with a Botanical Peony as their limited edition. 
I can't read all ingredients but from memory the main filters are octinoxate, uvinul A and T and Tinosorb S. Both cosDNA and Ratzillacosme have the comprehensive list. 

The gel is light weight, cooling (as it contains lots of ethanol) and dries completely without any residue. It doesn't change the texture of face (compared to greasy Anessa I have been wearing) and is very user friendly on my lazy days...

The formula isn't as irritating on my face given my sensitivity to chemical filters, I can use it for a day without problem (two straight days gives me tiny hives). But it really is just a commuter sunscreen when your life style doesn't involve too many outdoor activities.  

I do get new sunspot right away on the peak of summer so it's not suitable for my life style.  Now I just use it on my arms because it's better than nothing (plus the formula doesn't stain like Anessa Aquabooster mild).
Essence plus gel on my wrist
The Aqua Rich Gel is a runny lotion that looks closer to the wite out formula but 
feels cooling (ethanol!), moisturizing and grainy. I tried it on my face (why tho...) and this one gives me hive in four hours so it's further downgraded to my legs. 
Overall, not completely junk and the essence is serviceable for my arms. I rather spend a few bucks more for the sunscreen gel by Anessa. 


  1. Hubby uses the original version (gel in summer and essence in winter) on his face, and I've been "borrowing" some every once in a while when I'm in a hurry. On the body we both use Nivea Sun Protect Water Gel Super. Have you tried this?

    1. I want to try that when i saw it at japanese supermarket ... Actually most day i get so lazy i dont bother with body (but i am getting sunspot on my arms!) sunscreen...I am trying to change that!

  2. Do you have a favorite sunscreen that you don't get a sunspot with? I got a bunch of freckles like over the past year and have no idea how to get rid of it.

    I have this sunscreen too but in the floral scent hahaha

    Don't mind me spamming your posts I am catching up since I don't really log onto Blogger anymore >_<


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