Sunday, May 27, 2018

Cezanne Nose and Brow Powder in 02 Natural

Cezanne is a brand that I have been very much into since last summer, I enjoyed using many of their base products (10-dollars powder, foundation that perform as well as the 30-40bucks one from US) so I started to play with their point makeup as well. 

The Nose and Brow powder was a newer release from last year. Since it was small and easy to carry, I got it trying to see if I can use it to deal with my erratic brow growth cycle plus my stress pulling episodes.  (I do have Suqqu as my holygrail but the glossy black compact would occupy a much bigger space in my bag). 
Shade 02 Natural is quite warm and blonde toned (like many Japanese brow powder actually) with a taupe beige nose shadow on the left, warm blond (like ginger skin) and medium brown for the tails of brows.

The powder is moderately pressed that it doesn't kick off lot of product but it's very easy to grab and deposit onto skin. It's finely milled enough but of course I can't compare it to suqqu. 
For the price range (10 bucks after international markup) the compact is cutely designed and made of good quality plastic. The plastic brush is more than serviceable. 
The three shades swatch suspiciously warm on the wrist but at least the colors aren't super powdery or pigmented/prone to mistakes. 
Take after a bad brow day, over plucked on top and freshly stressed-pulled allover. I should have comb the hair before picture by well...
A something that looks this warm, 02 looks surprisingly natural (duh, it's the name) on the brow, it somehow just blends in with the brow hair without looking strikingly blond or black. I didn't do a great job blending but it doesn't look flat or cakey. 

Overall I do like it for what it is (it's nothing special though) and maybe the 03 Olive one would be more suitable for my hair color. 

More brow powder to come (because apparently I like buying them as cartfillers).

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