Sunday, May 06, 2018

Canmake Perfect Multi Eyes 03 - Antique Terracotta

For the last few seasons, Canmake has released a few palettes that sold like hot cake, I remember there was that burgundy toned perfect Stylist eyes that didn't show up in online stores almost half a year later. Good for me that I didn't like eyeshadow that are too deep and jewel-toned.

Their hottest palette in 2017 was Perfect Multi Eyes in 03 Antique Terracotta, a soft matte brown palette with a burnished red accent. Being an avid follower of online trends(for Japanese drugstore brands only), I managed to get my hands on this little toy.
Being on the affordable end of drugstore, the packaging actually feels really nice on the hand. There is a small strip mirror on top and a small sponge-brush applicator that's perfectly usable. 
The pans are small (but then again even if you finish the compact, it can be easily replaced at the low price). The shadow are very firmly pressed, so compact that it gives little powdery fly out. After swiping, it leaves a smooth dent like a drier cream product. 
From top to bottom. There is a tan beige, medium tan, terracotta red,  medium brown and a dark chocolate eyeliner. 
As you can see, Antique Terracotta has a very similar color scheme as Chanel Candeaur et Experience, a palette released a year prior.

Despite being an all matte palette, the colors on Canmake aren't full on opaque and flat. Instead, they are chiffon like (no shine or shimmer but isn't flat either), each color can be build up and layered easily. I found this kind of matte much easier to work with. If you have deeper set eyes, you might find it a bit sheer.
This is the first time I am trying Canmake's matte shadow and I am impressed by their refined texture and adherence on skin. There is no dark smear everywhere and the formula blends right into skin, leaving no distinct boundary.
It took me a few try to get a wearable look (that's not too red) but I found the standard gradation placement works (with red and medium brown as  main shader, tan to blend edges and chocolate at outer corner). I just need to restrict them to smaller area since the whole palette is deeper than what I am used to. It's probably more suitable for folks with more lid space.

Anyway, I really like this (for something around 10 bucks) but I am still a bigger fan of glossy sparkle. There is a Pinkish Beige out this spring and I will probably get it when it shows up half a year.


  1. What's your favorite lip balms? I'm on a lip balm binge obsession at the moment for some reason, I'm quite happy with the western drugstore varieties...Blistex, Carmex, Nivea, Chapstick etc. I prefer sun protection in it too.

    1. Hmmm, for just balm (that smoothes away flakes and dry lines,ll I like Bites Agave lip mask and lucas paw paw oinment. For Tinted balm I like fresh sugar lip treatment and Dior lip Glow is pretty good as's just goes on way brighter on my mouth.


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