Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Canmake Cream Cheek - Ruby Cherry, Cute Strawberry, Raspberry Gelato and Apple Cream Red

Canmake Cream Cheek (especially the clear ones) to me, is the crown jewel of the entire brand and the reason I don't usually buy highend cream blush (unless they go on clearance, ha). Since almost all of them have the same long wearing, user-friendly (easily spread and controllable) and beautiful colors, I don't like reviewing them because it's not fun repeating the same thing.

Anyway, here are the cream cheeks I got from 2014 to summer of 2017.

Cream Cheek Clear in 07 Clear Ruby Cherry is the oldest of the bunch (being released fall of 2014 and already discontinued) and my favorite red blush from Canmake. It looks warm wine in the compact but swatches a cooler grape red.

It's wonderful by itself (worn without foundation) and makes my skin healthy and transparent. If you like blush right under eyes (igari makeup) this one is perfect for the hungover effect.

08 Clear Cute Strawberry is a warm coral red. It's youthful and brightening and just a less plain take on 01 Clear Red Heart.
The texture of all three are moderate(neither slippery or thick) and blend seamlessly without spreading allover my face.
14 Apple Cream Red is in the regular formula so it gives a frosted, dolly kind of blush. 
The color is opaque guava pink that's quite similar to the clear version 02 (Clear Love Song, I guess that's why 02 and 04 are discontinued), but with less glowy finish.
CL09 Raspberry Gelato is a bright blue red jelly offers a fresh flush. It's just a touch Brighter than the discontinued 04 Clear Pink Joy.
As Canmake phases out repetitive shades, there are only a few shades left in the clear (a neutral red, coral, warm red and cool pink) but it should cover most of your need.
Anyway, now summer is here I think I will reach for them more often. 


  1. I was just telling a friend last night I think cream cheek colors don't get any better than Canmake's. Not even the high end stuff.

    1. I actually like the Becca ones, they are as good as regular cream cheek but more convenient and hygienic...but then canmake has way pretty colors.

    2. That's what I mean. Overall Canmake just kills it, even if the packaging is crappy.


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