Tuesday, May 15, 2018

BareMinerals Lipstick in Panko

BareMinerals always strikes me as a quintessential American brand (despite being owned by Shiseido), maybe it was all the shopping channel segments I saw way back in mid 2000s, the way the rave about the "foundation you can sleep in!" was just unseen elsewhere, not even in Canada.

Sometime last summer, I was checking out their mineral sunscreen in store (as it was recommended by a youtuber), I discovered other goodies. The sunscreen ended up being too thick and pasty for my liking (I didn't bother even when it showed up at Marshall's half off retail price), my attention was grabbed by the Gen Nude lipsticks. While the range is mostly creamy flesh tone, there are a few brighter shades I can wear.
The shade that went home with me is Panko, a burnished amber (or spiced coral according official description). The vanilla scented lipstick itself is smooth, creamy and not as squishy as anticipated. 

There is no room for wobbling so it's easy enough to apply (even the surface is a little big), I imagine if your lips have less pout, the deep color might smear around the edge.
The tube is brushed metal(it feels cool to the touch) with plastic inner sleeve. For a lipstick that's on the affordable side of Sephora brands ($20 each), the packaging is rather sleek and substantial. 

This type of brownish red has been allover magazines this last two years so I am late into the bandwagon. Panko has a great balance between red, brown, nude and orange. It's stylish, skin brightening without gearing towards "uptight middle age business woman" category (like a bunch of Shiseido lipsticks do). 
 Shiseido Perfect Rouge RD 732 (yup this  one looks  aging on me), Visee RD 422 (I like the color but the texture is too slippery) and Bare Minerals Panko
The Gen Nude formula is rather impressive. It's a creamy formula that offers opacity but no white base underneath and it sits very comfortably on the mouth. I enjoy wearing Panko on hotter days (when my lips are red) as it goes perfectly with late summer/early fall. With a pale and purple base (my winter coloring), it looked more brownish and out of place. 

I like playing with Panko but at the end, I still go back to clear red, blue pink and coral. 


  1. Wow, the color's pretty! Doesn't look brown at all on you!

    1. This shade isn't poop brown so it's still kind of peachy on temptalia as well. It's more wearable than editorial.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I love this shade, it's so pretty and perfect for the warmer months; I would love to try it!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin’ by any chance? My page is here :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara

  3. I galloped to my local cosmetic shop and picked up Panko and Love. Wanted to get Mantra but they sold out. All the other shades seemed white based except for these 3. They are lovely, if it weren't for the mention I wouldn't even know about it. I never paid any attention to Bare Minerals before, I don't really care about mineral makeup as I'm kinda anti natural/organic...I don't believe in any of the scare mongering propaganda about nasty chemicals n crap. It's good value, $28AUD for 3.5g. If this was lancome or Chanel etc they would be charging $50+.

    1. Hahaha that's way too quick...I wanted to get Love as well but I am waiting for a good gift with purchase from sephora. After all I have way too many new toys with me right now.

      Bare Mineral doesn't even register as organic brand (it's more of a pseudo natural brand like the bodyshop and lush)but I tend to like brands a bit better when they are owned by japanese...While the overall aesthetics dont change, I think the quality of the formula gets better...And I swear the texture/formula of nars eyeshadow got a lot better (they were good to start with but I noticed complex shimmer and wet gloss texture like japanese shadow).

  4. Mantra isn't available at my local Mecca Maxima. I don't really care because....i went cray cray and bought a whole bunch of Estee Lauder lipsticks. I changed my mind about, EL makes one of the best lipsticks on the market. Their shade range is amazing, heck even better than Lancome. They aren't the creamiest lipsticks, they are more of an "old school traditional" cream lipstick. I pretty much have all the pinky/mid nude shades. Some shades are really popular in China. At Least EL made it permanent and not limited edition like Lancome. EL is really popular in Australia and China too, they may be slipping in US but not here. Lancome Australia is so slow to release new products here that i've kinda given up on them. With new EL products we get it faster.

    1. Yeah in China the PR was quite good with their spokemodel and vloggers etc...In US it's just an auntie trying too hard to be hip and fails (the estee edit that was discontinued soon after). I always wanted to try their skincare but I am kind of overstocked...Maybe I should get them for my mom.


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