Monday, April 30, 2018

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine and Tint in Balm

Shu Uemura is one of the few Japanese brands that's still not hard to get (through online store, shipped from Canada) through official site, despite the brand was pulled out from US then the UK. 

Being a lover for their brushes and cream blush, I decided to try their lipsticks. After all, Japanese lines excel at making truly moisturizing sheer formula.
During a seasonal sale last year, I picked up two coral lipsticks. The first being Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine in CR350, a pinkish red coral (instead of the creamy orange one). The tube is distintive and a little plasticky. 
The tip is round and smooth, I don't love or hate the design but I think some of their limited edition tubes are quite cute.
The lipstick itself is candy like, clear glossy and doesn't get too squishy. Pinkish red coral have a tendency to look off with my coloring as they simultaneously turn glaringly bright and make my skin sallow. I trusted Shu with this because the tint in gelato (a similar shade of pink coral) I got was rather modern and flattering. Welp, it's not the case this time around...
 Bright coral pink (that look wonky on me) side by side: Chanel Boheme, Too Faced Bon Bon and Shu Uemura CR 350
So...While the formula is lightweight, glossy (but not slick) and moisturizing, the shade turns into hot pink on me, the type that dulls my skin and brings out all the blemishes... The neon color, magenta stain and noticeable white base only add salt to the wound.

This kind of color looks disastrous on me  and I imagine it would look good on pale people with pink undertone.
Well, the lipstick didn't work for me so let's take a look at the Tint in Balm. I got shade 04 Sugar Coral, a pinkish coral. 
The balm is housed in a clicky tube and isn't retractable. The texture is much softer and creamier than the lipstick...
As for actual lipstick...This is everything like the lipstick but so much worse. It's the same neon bright pink with a much pronounced white base and staining power... Do not want. Even though the formula isn't bad, I think I am done wasting money on their lipsticks...


  1. I am surprised to see how different these colors look on your lips! I had a few lipsticks from the brand and didn't think that they were amazing. I thought they were good but maybe too slippery or something.

    1. Sheer hot rose tend to go wonky like that...But there is no excuse for the neon and white base. Anyway Shu raise the price of lipstick by a buck so less reason to buy them now!

  2. Two hot pinks in one purchase, ouch, similar to what happened to me with my last Maquillage Dramatic Rouge purchase wherein all three colors just look the same >.<" Thankfully I've never been tempted by Shu. Phew!

    1. At least it's three rose lipstick you can wear...Shu's collections are so garish nowadays,I miss the old tsumori chisato collection. Instead we get the neon-everything aesthetics...

    2. True. I remember the buzz for Shu eye shadows and lipsticks back then. And now we have Yazbukey x Shu collection that got nothing more an urgh out of me.


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