Thursday, April 19, 2018

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes W

Spring is finally here! Oh wait, it's not and all the early bloomers in my neighborhood were ravaged by the winter storm over the weekend. Anyway, here is some oldies from last year and hopefully I can get some glamour shots of my newer toys this coming weekend. Yeah, I need a life (or an entirely different career that doesn't make my stress-hoard). 
I will admit that the main reason I got some RMK products because they would be so pretty to photograph. Sadly the mirror finish also collect scratches like no other but at least I captured the ephemeral beauty.

Introduced as a part of summer 2013's collection, the Ingenious Powder Eyes W is still in RMK's permanent line up. The range is mostly fun and colorful with brights and 02 is the only neutral one of the bunch.
On the left there is a dry matte-chocolate brown (it looks like Royce, that fancy Japanese chocolate with powdery surface) infused with golden sparkle. Maybe I can't call it matte when the gold glow is allover but it lacks the sheen of satin and it's certainly not shimmery.

 On the right there is a champagne gold glitter top coat.
 Another picture of the compact.
After playing with the few RMK eyeshadow and powder blush, I found their texture unique and fun to play with: It's not the melty shimmer from Suqqu or powdery finish from Lunasol. RMK has a high (for Japanese brand) color pay off without showing up like a powder. In a way like textureless pigment that's still a dream to layer or blend.

After all, RMK's brand philosophy is let grown up have fun with vibrant colors (while still look put together) and they do it by creating high pigments powder that's not heavy or caked-up on the face.
When it's on the skin, it hugs right onto my original skin texture and it's quite easy to blend. I still need to get used to it as eyeshadow but this kind of formula is especially nice as powder blush.
Anyway I will admit 02 isn't all that flattering (I prefer my brown to be either mauve, peachy or khaki) and I would want to show you another cooler duo... If my BeautyBay order didn't went missing (it has been 40 days now, can I still dream about it showing up?).


  1. I have a few in candy pastels but would love to get another RMK eyeshadow palette with neutral colors. BeautyBay shipping is quite slow but 40 days seems a bit more than usual. Hope you get your goodies soon!

    1. I consider it lost already since it was taking them 2-3weeks before.It's sad since the duo was limited edition and already sold out (was on sale).

      I havnt seen a rmk palette I really like but I am eyeballing the orange single from this summer and maybe a cream blush but that's a bit pricey.


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