Sunday, April 29, 2018

Prime Time brought to you by Canmake, Urban Decay and More

Eyeshadow primer used to be essential in my makeup arsenal (especially when I had to deal with the humidity and heat of Houston). I reach for them less and less now  for various reasons.
1. Lazy -__- !

2.If I am drenched in sweat I probably just go with cream shadow (sadly, all my Maybelline pots dried out into rocks after a few years).

3.A well formulated powder should wear well on bare skin (go highend!).

4. Many primer takes away the see-through, glossy finish I love in Japanese palettes or singles.

Of course, I still have a few in my stash from 2015 (can you tell I am clearing up backlog now?) . Time to give them a quick run down. Since the picture are ancient I couldn't locate the swatch images on my sd card, so I will make up by giving lengthier description.
Canmake Lasting Multi Eye Base WP (waterproof, though I never gave it a splash test) comes in an adorable little squeeze tube. It has a consistency of clear thick silicone gel texture that's not at all runny or slippery. A tiny bit smoothes the lid area and really glues on the powder.

Not only it makes powder wear much longer. This is one of the few that actually preserves the clarity of a shadow, especially when it's m. Since it's under 9 bucks at Amazon (even with markup), I would always keep one in my stash just in case I want to put up the extra effort. 
Urban Decay used to had a cult following back in the days and I always remember seeing those depot posts showing how much each genie tube would hold (after they "ran out"). Nowadays with fierce competion from Too Faced, Wet n Wild and Milani (they are mentally equivalents in my book)...It has been dethrowned for quite sometime already. The newer version has the thin nozzle that dispenses tiny amount of product (all you need) and is easy to use and hygienic.

As I mentioned, its texture is extremely similar to those from Too Faced and Milani, a thick cream not only glues but also enhances the pigmentation of powder shadow. I don't like it allover lid but it's mighty useful when used closed to upper and lower lashlines. 
VSPRO Lasting Eyeshadow Primer (gift from Dalenna ) is a semi runny one that smoothes the surface that makes powder go on more evenly. It's less of a glue but sufficient for the dry and long winter we have.  Before I finally caved in a got eye cream, this was what I used to hide the dry flakes before putting on eyeshadow.
The Nature Republic primer is a very runny one scented like coconut, it reminds me of something made by Rimmel a few years ago in a way that, it's more effective at removing than holding onto eyeshadow. Meh...
Wet n Wild Photo Finish is possibly the most affordable primer that works (it's normally five dollars a piece and goes on 40% off all the time at Rite Aid). If you like Too Faced, Milani or Urban Decay, Wet n Wild is practically the same thing and it only coa perfect item to throw into travel makeup bag (if you are afraid of loss). 

Overall, I loved the one from Canmake and think Wet n Wild is equally worthy (I just don't wear intense eyeshadow to really need it), I will try other Canmake primer next time as they came up with various tinted ones.

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  1. I tried the NARS eyeshadow primer and it's actually pretty great other than the price. Have no repurchased though cos I have Milani Wet n Wild and UD due to my hoarding skills


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