Sunday, April 01, 2018

Jill Stuart Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Glow in Chubby Apple

Known for their Overkill Princess aesthetics, the makeup brand Jill Stuart underwent a renewal towards minimalism back in 2017.  Being a lover of shiny new things and a newly devoted Kose fan, I made sure to pay my support.

The Glow version is a lighter take on Jill Stuart regular Forever Juicy Oil Rouge (semi pigmented lip gloss named oil just to be on the lip oil bandwagon). 

The new packaging has a much simpler cap, adorned by the same plastic pink rhinestone. Plastic and all, I am impressed by the quality of coating because it hasn't scratched one bit after numerous trip down my bag and pocket.
There were seven shades in the original line up, I picked up the limited 07 Chubby Apple as I can never have enough sheer red. There are some fine multicolored micro pearl inside but they only add onto the juicy dimension.
The applicator is improved from the old wand. It's soft, cushioned and has the right amount of length and springiness. With the peachy floral scent, application is a joy (I just need to stop doing duck face to smell it).
The shade 07 Chubby Apple is light but adds quite a bit of liveliness to the face. The texture is slightly less thick compared to jelly glosses from Paul and Joe and Anna Sui so they can call it a light watery oil-gel formula.

The application here is a little messy so I might update the pictures when it gets warmer and more humid. I can't say this is a stellar formula at this price (Kose certainly has cheaper lip gloss that's just as good) but it's a practical shade and it makes me happy looking at the tube.

 I might get another coral or bright pink this summer (the sheer blue is pretty but I am afraid it will be a color changing one). 

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