Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Integrate Pure Big Eyes in PK-333

Unlike Majolica Majorca (the neglected teenage daughter of Mama Shiseido), Integrate has been getting lots of love and attention these past few years. Aside from a major brand revamp in fall 2016, Integrate has been getting new ranges and product every season. 

I have gotten a few of post-revamp goodies (and have hit pan on the powder) and before I get to those, let me clear out my old archive. 

Pure Big Eyes is one of the more popular palette from previous generation. Having gotten the lilac one and loved it, I decided to collect more. PK-333 is coral pink and brown combo that's sweet and cute but not overly girly. 

The main lid shades are medium warm brown and coral pink, complemented by a pink base, clear white top coat and brown liner. 

One more shot standing up
All of the pan has some short of see through quality, making it glisten under sunlight. While it has some fall out, the shades layer nicely and goes smoothly (during summer) on skin without the need for primer.
Anyway, I can easily adjust the level of office friendliness by leaning more on brown side but the entire palette doesn't scream for attention even if I use more coral.
PK-333 applied in standard gradation.
I like this palette and need to remind myself to wear it more this summer (too many eyeshadow too little time), let's hope we won't have too many heatwaves this time. 


  1. Off topic but I'm done with mascaras. I have 2 I like but they aren't perfect: lancome grandiose waterproof mascara and Maybelline lash sensational waterproof mascara. The lancome one is almost perfect but tends to smudge under my left eye- but that could just be me. The Maybelline one is like a drugstore version of lancome, but is a little thicker and clumpier- once it dries it doesn't budge. My eyes are quite sensitive to mascaras,it tends to water and irritate my eyes, esp a lot if Maybelline mascaras, must be the wax content. Covergirl changed their formula-its so thick and clumpy I can't make it work. Rimmel mascaras are useless, I stopped buying their since lash accelerator. Loreal mascaras, we have a terrible selection down here as we follow European loreal launches. I'm still wanting to try loreal voluminous waterproof but never got the chance. Lash paradise the regular version is terrible, so dry so nasty- we never got the waterproof version.

    1. LOreal voluminous is a crumb heaven on me and I dont use mascara because the good waterproof one is a pain to I think curled lashes make me eyes smaller anyway.

      (Sorry about comment being on hold,apparently I put them on moderation but I never check them!)


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