Thursday, March 22, 2018

Visee Duo Rich Eyes in BE-6

Despite my  ever growing stash of high end palettes (there must be at least a dozen that I need to properly wear outside and review), it seems that the few that I reach for the most are drugstores ones in boring neutral.  Not only those brands (especially Visee and Excel) offer texture and colors that rival those from highend, it's also much easier for me to reach for them without having to open the compact or look at the back label. 

Visee Duo Rich Eyes is one of the older releases from the brand. Since I already love the whole range of their Nudy Rich Eyes (I have five of them), I jumped right onto the Duo Rich Eyes when I saw a panned BE-6 from a Chinese blog (I have her linked on side bar but she has restricted access to her blog).
BE-6 is a duo with skin beige and a brown shader/liner. It's unassuming on the pan but very easy to wear and goes with everything.
The main shade is a shimmery warm beige that looks like a glossy peach on the lids. It's not so much as a shading color but it manages to brighten the eyes without making it look puffy. The brown adds a bit of depth along the lashline.

 It's perfect on days when I want something that makes my eyes a little more defined so I can play with bright blushes or lipstick. 
The powder is same with other visee eyeshadow that they are infused with some skincare ingredients to go on smoothly, when you use finger, sponge tip or brush to apply. 
Even though I like the effect of the duo, it has some limitation. In order to get that perfect glossy peachy nude on the lid, I need perfectly moisturized lids that's not damp to the touch. On colder days it sits like powder and on hot summer days when my lids are damp, it gets a little thick and muddy, like how it looks below...
This day it was a bit hot so my lids were sweaty (clarity is compromised) but trust me it doesn't look as blah in real life.
I might try again on another day but for now, this is another boring neutral I like.


  1. May i know where did u get visee be6? I was searching this at the various drug stores in my recent trip to jpn but it seems that most do not carry this range anymore. I really luv tis color.

    1. If memory serve, I think I bought it late 2016 from ebay seller babykoola_318 (California based who got her stock from Taiwan, judging at label). Adambeauty used to have it but this shade is out...Maybe I should get the orange one before too late.

      I would hate it if they discontinue the range because I am not feeling their newer releases (gemmy rich and shimmer rich).


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