Saturday, March 17, 2018

Moon Fire - Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick No. 31

Chicca Mesmeric Lipstick is one of my favorite beauty discoveries of 2017 and everything I am looking for in a lipstick. 

After my initial purchase of their best selling shade 06 Lucent Red. I went ahead and got two additional shades, 31 Moon Fire is the latest of my hoard (for 2017). 
Of course every lipstick (especially pricey one) gets its own glamour shot. 
Since I already have the warmer Lucent Red. I went with 31 Moon Fire, a pink red without shimmer. 
Pink tone is more apparent under direct sunlight. 
06 look bright watermelon while 13 and 31 look similar shade of hot pink on my arm. On the lips, I find them different enough (one is more mauve pink while the other pulls more of a juicy raspberry).  
The finish is the same lightweight watery gel. It's perfect for summer and very moisturizing for winter.
Bare lip vs rouged. Even though the formula is rather clear(not sheer as lacking in pigment), the color still got enough impact as lipstick (instead of a bland sheer balm). I like how they are all fresh enough to be worn with bare face or minimal makeup.
31 Moon Fire. I think I am getting an orange or coral next. It's hard to justify hoarding due to the markup.  At least I make damn sure to wear them often.
Last year's blossoms. Can't wait for the pretty backdrop to come back! 


  1. Oohhh...pretty! Darn it! I just got 23 Garnet instead. Oh well. Next time ^.^

    1. From their color list garnet seems less bright of a cool red...I dont like cooler shades as much but I am grateful that they dont turn bright magenta (opera liptint 02 05 and a mamonde lip balm are recent lippie that ruined my day)that stain for a whole day.

  2. This is very pretty, but your bare lips are prettier!

    1. AWWW thanks...but I still need to hoard lippies...


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