Sunday, March 18, 2018

Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam and Puff

When it was first released spring of 2017, Glossier Cloud Paint was everywhere, (supposedly allover) Oscar Red Carpet, all the youtube channels (that I am too old for), on google ads and allover my facebook/ Instagram feed.  

At one point I finally couldn't handle the viral marketing anymore and dropped an order around summer. 
Packaging is this adorable paint tube with highly leakable flat opening. These cream blush isn't exactly cheap (18 dollars a piece of 30 for two shipped) but each costs a few dollars less than many higher end versions and every order comes with some whimsical/simplistic stickers (meh, Japanese magazines have better freebie) and a pink bubble mailer pouch. 
The two shades I got are Puff (medium powdery pink) and Beam (creamy peach). I think Puff is supposed to be a neutral to warm (but many colors pull cooler on me anyway). Both a decently intense and spread on the face truly seamlessly, like watercolor. The texture is a runny silicone that spreads itself can be built up by padding.

I don't like soft powdery pink enough to own many but I think the Puff is unique that when used on clean and bare face, its effect is clean and fresh.  Beam in the other hand, it's nice and just nice. I have other cream peach that are more flattering so I don't reach for it. 
On a hot summer day, these have no lasting power on bare skin whatsoever: I would swatch it on my arm and they wipe right off with my bare hand, while Canmake, Shu Uemura and Becca stayed. 

I have used Puff on a warm summer day last summer, dabbed it top of a silicone based sunscreen. All I remeber was by lunch time the color had spread into huge muddy pink circles on both side of my cheeks. Luckily, there was/is no cute guy at work to wittness my transformation into the Saw puppet. 

I put it away for months as the particular sunscreen was essential to my routine (and I have zero issue with other cream blush). Now it's colder and the wear time has become much better (but the color also doesn't look as flattering on dry cheeks). 
Some of my Peachy cream blush - Shu Uemura Graffiti Orange (A huge tube I got on clearance), Besame Apricot, Canmake Cream Cheek 10 (ancient one from 8 years ago) and Glossier Beam.

Anyway, I understand the appeal of the Cloud Paint (because I wasted 30 bucks on them didn't I?) but being a makeup veteran (aka not exactly Glossier's target customers) who has tried a lot of cream blush, I can get much better formula for a few bucks more. Consider how often other brands go on sale, Glossier isn't necessarily winning the price or quality department either. 

Personally, I prefer the thicker and more intense formula of Becca Beach Tint and Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato as they are easier to control and gives a lighter weight finish (for the same amount of color impact). Heck, Canmake cream cheek is 1/3 the price and have much better wear and color selection. 

 The cloud paint wasn't a terrible purchase for the price (I wish I have spent them on Chinatown dimsum instead). I just hate myself for falling for the guerilla marketing. 
Lastly, a bonus picture of Glossier store (see the line outside?) last summer. 

I managed to visit their store a week ago and bought the famed Boy Brow (the effect was comical/crayon shinchan on me) and Milky cleanser (not bad actually).  Ahh, when will I learn from my mistake?


  1. Meh. Remember Visee Mineral Liquid Cheeks from a few years ago? HUGE tubes and super pigmented too for just a little more than Canmake. And then there's always Canmake...


    1. Yeah, I think it's still on adambeauty's clearance section just recently. Anyway, immediately after trying these cheek tint I bought another pink becca beach tint. It's around 18 after discount...

      Canmake now has those similar tubed eye gloss with similar consistency (as glossier) and I like them, because they are less than 10 bucks. I hate influncer marketing yet I always ended falling for the hip colors and cheap prices and I alwats ended up hating them...Colourpop being another brand, most of the cream eyeshadow became dried up within a year and totally not usable. I could have gotten several visee or a high end palette already!

  2. You know I have the pink one and my review was a meh if I remember correctly. Haven't spent a dime on the brand ever since. Not a bad product but not good enough, I guess. ;)

    1. It never seemed like a meh with your cute fotd.. meanwhile i am thinking if i should do one with with buttface and shinchan brow. It was so unnatutral had to remove it before doing my grocery....


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