Thursday, March 29, 2018

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Lip Oil is a type of product that has been quite popular in the market and Clarins is probably one of the trend starters. The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil has been around for quite a few years and last year, the brand added a fun more fun shades in the range (in mint blue, chunky gold glitter, bright pink and orange). Of course that's not why I got it.

With a new and higher price tag (I swear they raise it last spring right before my eyes) of $26, it's the perfect impulse/pick-me-up purchase, when I want certain gift with 25-buck purchase from Sephora.
I picked up Tangerine last fall, just to see how the formula is. The tube of Clarins Lip Oil is a lightweight plastic with shiny cap, it's easy to carry while looking subtle and luxurious. 

The cushy applicator is huge and a treat on the lips, it certainly elevates the experience from meh to pleasant.

 With each use I end up pushing some air bubble inside but luckily the formula is thick enough that the air resurfaces eventually (unlike some other oil gloss that stay murky). 
Bare Lips - The shade tangerine is a brightening orange that's easy to wear everday and when a shade works on my purply winter mouth, I know it would look better during summer.
The texture of the Clarins lip oil is a hybrid oil-gel that's thick but not sticky on the lips. The thick formula is indeed comforting on chapped lips but I don't find it truly mousturizing like Vaseline based lip balm.

I brought it with me on a weekend trip to Toronto  (while forgetting to pack an actual lip balm), it blocks the windchill a little but when it wore off, it only leaves a layer of waxy residue and come color stuck between lip lines. I have also used it overnight and it rubbed off the same way...So it's not something I can double up as lip balm.
Clarins Tangerine as a base for Fresh Lip Balm in Sugar Coral (a lip color that's actually moisturizing).

Overall, it's not the best oil type gloss I have tried but it's still a color and formula I will reach for (and the huge applicator just makes it feel so much better that what it is). I am positive I will pick up the blackberry when it's released this summer.


  1. I was very tempted to try this, only to remember that I haven't touched a lip gloss in years...

  2. Save the quota for the blackberry shade! I don't wear glosses as often now but I don't mind having two or three tubes hanging around.


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