Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Canmake Lip Tint Syrup - Strawberry, Azalea and Poppy Syrup

Canmake used to be a hit or miss brand to me, I liked their cream blush while other products are just so so. Something changed last summer that made me a little crazy, they kept releasing fun colored palettes, cute little cream shadow and gimmicky compacts...Given their relatively low price point (most items were around 10 bucks after mark up), I ended up with a lot of new toys that were cart fillers. 

The Lip Tint Syrup are tiny tubes of watery lip gloss that provides SPF15, PA+, some  moisture and a bit of stain. Unlike Korean lip tints I have tried, these have a watery texture that stays wet a bit longer and doesn't cling on skin as much. They are kind of like an even more moisturizing take on the L'Oreal water stain (never tried YSL) but with the smaller size you get to try many before it starts going bad.
The applicator is flabby sponge tips, it's fairly big and absorbent enough to give you a quick application. 
04 has the clear and more flexible wand that's more comfortable on the lips.

02 Strawberry Syrup is neutral red that stains a slightly cool pink (nothing grandma magenta yet, ha).
Azalea Syrup is blue pink with matching stain. While these stains are longer wearing by nature, they can still be removed without oil based remover and rubbing. And the stain are pleasant enough to not stay magenta for the whole day.
Poppy Syrup is warm coral that looks a little reddish. I like all three but Poppy Syrup seems to be the most brightening shade.

Overall, I like these and don't regret buying them but I would be much happier if I can get them at regular retail 650yens. 

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