Friday, March 30, 2018

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm appears to be one of the most-loved affordable K-Beauty items, as it was mentioned all the time a while back. Noticing it was on Amazon for around 18 bucks, I got one to see what the buzz is all about.

The balm has a faint pink tint, bubble gum scent and a consistency like creamier take on vaseline. While it spreads reasonably well and coat the face evenly before it emulsifies and gets rinses off.
It's certainly effective as removing makeup and sunscreen and it doesn't leave too much of a residue. It's a no-frill product that gets the job done so I see why it's popular. I don't see the pressing need to repurchase because Mamonde smells much better (can't find it in store though) and I have stocked a bunch of cleansing balm from other brands. Gotta wear (and remove) those waterproof sunscreen, right? 
On top there is a clear inner lid with spatula resting on top, I find it rather convenient.


  1. Oh I'd totally try a cleansing balm. Any good ones you'd recommend?

    1. So far I have only tried Mamonde (sharp rose scent and jelly texture) and Banila Co. I do like both but only repurchased Mamonde (it is super sharp so not baby friendly). I have pixi and the bodyshop lined up and will let you know as soon as I dig in (it's has been overcast so often that it got in the way of blogging).

      The cleansing jelly from ole henriksen is a no-go (Didn't bother wasting my time reviewing it).

    2. Cool. May be I'll pick up Mamonde to try then! Thanks!

  2. I've tried the one from Nooni and it was alright. I like that the balm type isn't runny but still prefer no frill cleansing oil like Hada Labo or even Muji for myself. :)

  3. I tried muji mini and can't get over that it smells like olive oil (that I used to cook). I need to try it again when I use super waterproof sunscreen. Anyway I like the cleansing gel from muji though, the citrus scent is so pleasant!


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