Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Paul Joe Lip Gloss - A nameless brown one

I lost count how old this lip gloss is (it must be ancient consider I got it two years ago as a single-digit cart filler) because this time, both my memory and google image search (which is evidently good enough when I want to recall a manga I followed five years ago) had failed me. 

It has a numeric code (like 002?) and come in limited gold tube. The candy swirl (I checked Paul and Joe had a swirly colection back in summer 2011 but the cap is blue) is made of golden glitter, soft caramel and a chocolate brown and they blend into something that's undeniably poopy.
On the bright side, it's still rather wearable and smooth despite the huge amount of glitter. While the formula is the same as other Paul and Joe gloss, I don't count on it as a moisturizing lip treatment as the glitter gets everywhere. As with all Paul and Joe glosses I have used in the past, the smells goes off in less than a year...I might get another one (in cream jelly finish) but since Beautyhabit has such high free shipping limit (75 bucks), I will just skip it. Afterall, many Japanese drugstore releases are just a good/if not better than this anyway (Paul and Joe, like Anna Sui haven't changed much on their formula for at least a decade already).


  1. That's a pretty brown red on you! Too much shimmers for me though, and I haven't worn glosses for ages...

    1. I haven't worn/purchased glosses much this year either but some brands are nailing it with the newer oil balm formulas (like Koji beauty mine lip oil)and they are more agreeable on me during winter. Even I like lipsticks like lipstick Queen medieval, it become a drying layer of wax on me just after a short grocery trip...(same thing with opera lip tint actually, just not as waxy).

      Anyway as for brown red, I think the rmk limited shade from 2015 is still my favorite.

    2. I love that RMK LE color too!


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