Sunday, December 03, 2017

Jill Stuart Rouge My Dress in Berry Tutu

After holding off my desire for Jill Stuart for years, I finally gave myself the A Okay last summer. It started with the glosses then went to the photogenic blush compacts (will review eventually, I have long lag time for those), eyeshadow...Finally, why not lipstick, the type of makeup I reach for the most?

While I am too unhip for the actual Pokemon game, I generally have a "Gotta catch them all" rule when it comes to interesting lipstick design (and symphony cycles) ... That plus "Buy now regret later", I never feel bad having a pretty (useless) lipstick to stare at. 
Here comes Rouge My Dress, their second newest line of lipstick released Fall (techincally late summer) of 2015, with the most ornate design to date.  Two years later, Jill Stuart simplified their lipstick line up into something rather classy (classical Greek style) and I decided to stop hoarding here...
For spring 2016. Jill Stuart released a limited edition Rouge My Dress with four limited colors, watercolor boxes and tube that matches the color of the lipstick. And out of the four, I picked the coral pink as it looked the least pastel...
Gem cut bullet again.
When I first opened the box, I did a = =.... with my eyes. I am not sure if this design is hedious (no it isn't, the 2018 revamped Anna Sui tube is though) or I am too old for this...Even as a fan of their overkill aesthetics, I thought this was too much.
At the same time, I am impressed with the details (in a light weight and admittedly cheap material), no seam and not a chip-prone bit in sight. 
As for the lipstick, the promo image deceived me... I was expecting a coral pink cream jelly but I got a medium pastel (with obvious white base) pink that's semi sheer (reads: blotchy) and infused with a truck load of obvious white shimmer... 

While it might look good on a pale princess of Shibuya (is it still a thing or is it too 2005?), the color is just ick...
I guess I didn't completely hate it as I wore it out (to a freebie violin recital). While the color wasn't too clashing under the night light, by the end of the night it sank into every single lip line and smeared everywhere...

Surprisingly I don't hate it (because I have had lipsticks that are far worse), I guess the packaging designers are doing their job.


  1. Urgh. I made this very mistake and bought this junk when hubby and I were on our way back to Tokyo from Taipei. I told myself never again >.<"

    1. I suppose I like the packaging enough (as collector) that I dont mind the sucky texture...I will be pissed if I got a three pack like you though. Actually since I have collected enough cute JS I am saturated right now, gotta keep the pennies for better lipsticks.

    2. Out of curiosity, how do you store your lip products?
      I feel like I hoard so many products idk what to do with them but I don't want to throw most of them away

    3. Oops I didn't see your comment until now. I keep them in different acrylic drawers. The most used one in the smallest one and the I-might-reach-for-it in a medium one (like this particular Jill stuart) then there are the cold palace (I don't see myself reaching for them but I don't want to throw them away) that is there until they go bad. Lastly I routinly throw away low end lippie I don't reach for at all(packaging aren't worth collecting).


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