Monday, November 06, 2017

Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes in 16 Double Sunshine

Isn't the name just perfect?  Especially when we barely get any sun after the daylight saving ended. 

Canmake has been releasing a lot of new products this year and being mostly single-digit priced, it's easy for me to get carried away. 
Two of the new Perfect Stylist Eyes were released this summer (after an extremely popular burgundy one released last fall). Since the golden brown combo reminds me of a Majolica palette I like a lot, I decided to pick this up. 
For a budget palette like this, the packaging is very sturdy (Excel could learn a thing or two from it) with no loose or flaky bit. There is even a small mirror (not the coated plastic one that gives you migraine) on top that you don't see with drugstore brand. 
The perfect stylist eyes are designed that when you start from upper left pan, you can go clockwise or counterclockwise for two distinct looks. The center is a glitter top coat to light things up.  On the lower left it's a very warm golden brown that's too yellow for daily wear (I feel like Monkey King with his fiery gaze wearing this).  The right is a nutty brown looks khaki but shows up coppery. The liner is an olive brown that's easy to wear.
While the base is a tad more satiny and top coat is clear, the other have the same finish, making it a little flat. Otherwise it's still tasteful enough if I apply carefully within my small lid space.
With gold on lower outer corner and everything else on upper lid. While the color is summery and overall texture is OK for the price, I think I prefer spending a few more bucks on Majolica Majorca, Visee and Excel (those with far better texture that are comparable to highend). 
I think I will reach for it on sunny days since the color is still fun to play with.

So I like it but don't recommend.


  1. go to nude pink lipstick seems to be Shiseido rouge rouge lipstick in rose crush RD715. It's a brown pink nude. Very work/office friendly. Looks professional. It's almost perfect. I don't like how it's got too much brown in it but at this rate, after so many trips to the makeup counter, I can't be too picky. The formula is actually quite nice, it's a solid cream formula but feels very smooth and not drying. Actually I dare say it's one of the best formulas compared to other top tier brands such as Estee Lauder, Dior, Chanel etc. It contains 4g which is unheard of these days, most brands have cost cut by reducing it to 3- 3.5g. I'm trying to find a drugstore dupe for LancĂ´me Teint Idole ultra foundation but no luck. Because it's so expensive, I want something to fall back on. The only comparable is Maybelline fit me matte and poreless but the formula is too runny and thin for my liking, and I still have to mix the shades. I hate buying high end makeup, but the shades and formulas at drugstore aren't that great, don't really have choice but to venture out.

    1. Shiseido does have great formula but I never seen a shade that just pop on my face...Many Kose lipsticks (jill stuart, visee are the two I tried) have it was almost like an endless stick.

      A little while back I became obsessed with powder foundation and got a few Japanese drugstore ones, too bad they are all blotchy on top of my go-to sunscreen... It Cosmetics CC cream is the only one that works but I am still trying to hit it on with powder (much easier/quicker to put on)...

      I suppose now my focus is on skincare so I can hopefully not need any base makeup for those dark marks accumulated.


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