Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit in Coral Corruption

I grabbed three Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suits when I spotted them 40% off and this is one of them (due to their long wearing nature, I can't swatch them back and forth without rubbing my mouth off). Coral Corruption is a matte coral that ended up a little brighter and redder on my mouth. 

The texture is still more liquid than creamy and each swipe yields a semi clear thin layer. 
Burts Bees Tahitian Sunrise, Coral Corruption and Revlon Continuous Coral  (it's ancient but it still smells OK so I am keeping it). Wet n Wild is easily the most garish of the three.
On the lips the color looks a bit patchy with the white base. The color is too bright for my liking. Straight to the garbage it goes...

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  1. Omg I have this one too. It is really bright, I think after I posted about these I never used it again... Lol also bc it's a bit dry


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