Thursday, October 05, 2017

Wet n Wild Balm Stain in Rico Mauve

A lot has changed when it comes to my makeup habit (well, when you got too many lipsticks but limited set of lips and time, it got to) in the past three years. My attitude towards lip crayon went from "The more the merrier" to " Who bloody cares?". 

what remain constant is my susceptibility to sale stickers so everytime Wet n Wild goes 40% off, I manage to buy yet another product I don't need.
Debuting spring 2014, Wet n Wild Megaslick Lip Color is a late comer in the Crayon world, by then Revlon had been popular for a while. It has the same bullet, light plastic tube that's easy to store and retrieve.
The price is 2.99 regularly, quite a bargain for what it is.
Rico Mauve is a mauve rose witn some shimmer and a creamy smooth texture. It's glossy and mousturizing just as claimed and performs better (in terms of even finish and confort) than Revlon.
There is some mint scent if I recall it correctly and the creamy finish has a fair lasting power (it doesn't rub off right away).
I wish they take away the magenta stain though. Anyway, it was amazing for 1.8 bucks and that's about it. We are spoiled with options that none of these is a must have.


  1. At least the mauve rose is pretty on your lips! ^.^


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