Sunday, October 01, 2017

Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam and Cleansing Balm

The method of double cleansing has been around forever and (maybe I have been living under the cave) I only started to practice one since this summer. 

Before that, I relied heavily on my long-term (8years?) holygrail Shiseido cleansing foam that takes off everything (including waterproof sunscreen and a bit of my own skin) in one go. I have slowly realized that many old time favorites became no-go without the humidity and constant sweating.

 Since I have been using a heavy duty it-wont-come-off sunscreen since summer, I started to look into oil cleanser. I first went with Ole Henriksen Jelly Cleansing balm, which was so shitty that I don't want to review it (blurs my vision, emulsifies right away on face and doesn't even clean well). While I was at Aritaum store, I grabbed two Mamonde cleanser since I love rose scented products.
I walked home (more like from Chinatown to bus terminal) with Mamonde Petal Pure Cleansing Balm ($18) and Oil to Foam Cleanser (which I got later for 10 off the regular $14, because I had bought enough crap at the store by that point).
The Oil to Foam comes with an attractive frosted plastic bottle with a squirty pump that doesn't dispense a whole lot.
 Ingredients of Oil to Foam Cleanser
The texture is a light, smooth oil that I can spread evenly on my face without it breaking down too quickly. I use two pump on damp face to slowly melt off sunscreen and other makeup.  After first rinse, sometimes I use an additional pump as a light foaming wash. Despite the sharp rose scent, it's actually quite gentle on my skin and around my eyes and it leaves no tightness or residue.

While the Oil to Foam is enough to tackle most milky sunscreen, I feel like it's a little weak against Anessa (the only sunscreen that won't break down under the summer heat) so I ended up using it as a second step cleanser and leave the dirty job for cleansing balm.
The first thing about Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Balm is that it's quite heavily fragranced, the same sharp rosy note but notably stronger. It's neither natural nor artificial...somewhat similar to the Demeter Bulgarian Rose cologne.

 I don't mind it too much since it's not the old lady soapy/powdery sort of rose but I think it might put off more sensitive noses.
 Ingredients of Petal Pure Cleansing Balm
The texture is sort of like vaseline but it's non sticky that I can smoosh around my face for quite a bit, while having it melt off the sunscreen and makeup (concealer, powder foundation and eyeshadow). The jelly texture cleanses and rinses off really well while leaving my face moisturized. I do follow a light cleanser afterward but it didn't seem to clog my pores on days I didn't.

Overall, I enjoy using both a lot and have already repurchased a back up of Oil to Foam. While I am using another Korean cleansing balm (the famed Banila Co) I think I prefer the jelly texture of Mamonde a little more.


  1. I have the oil to foam, I found it doesn't remove make up at all. Nor does it have oil in ingredients list. I use it as a normal foam cleanser, I love the smell!

    1. Right now I am mainly using it as a morning cleanser...Since I ran out of the balm, I am just using banila co and korres foaming wash. This is actually the few mamonde products I really like. Their eyeshadow are meh and their lip products looks a little cheap (color wise)...


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