Saturday, October 07, 2017

Innisfree Mineral Eyeshadow Singles

Last year around Thanksgiving, yet another K-beauty store opened up in Korea town (the one that charges 18 for Innisfree Lipstick. Never forget). Beside the ripoff lipstick, I also grabbed several Innisfree mineral eyeshadow singles. They were mostly muted neutral with wearable brights here and there, something I don't usually see with Korean make up brand (most of the K-beauty items I tried were lip tints that ended up magenta on me).

And of course, Innisfree just had to overhaul the whole range, replacing it with the square refill just a few weeks after my purchase. I have tried the new range and there were big changes so I might review the oldies.
My initial purchase from Black Friday (non- sale). These were 7 dollars a piece with simple plastic that you can depot. The newer singles are 6 dollars each in store. 
All of the old mineral eyeshadow singles have number and Korean names (that I can't read). My picks were 03 Champagne beige. 26 Burnt orange red, 28 Glittering dirty purple and 29 shimmery purple taupe.
04 Glittery light gold and 06 light copper brown.
07 Golden brown and 12 rose gold.
The eyeshadow are smooth, pigmented and very easy to spread. At the price point, it's much better than the powder singles from Maybelline and Colourpop (the two are level to me). For the glittery shades, they are brilliant but not tacky. 

Here is 12. I just realized that on the eyes the finish of the glittery ones are very similar to Aritaum shine fix eyes, they both apply better with finger but the Aritaum are more intense, come with fun colors and last better. 
Added some of the burnt orange red on top  of 12. I think it made me look a bit vengeful. Next time I will try with matte shades.

Anyway, my favorite from this bunch are 28 clear glittery purple taupe and 29 the shimmery purple taupe. While 29 works great as defining shade (pigmented but can be smooth into a sheer veil that's not too smokey), 28 adds a glossy touch that's also brightening. 
28 on top of 29
Overall the quality of these are great and I made sure to pick up some of the new shades from their newly opened Soho store. 

Out of the few Korean brands makeup I have tried, Innisfree seems really competitive (unlike the pricier Too Cool for School that already closed down) with their affordable prices, wearable colors, good performance and a huge selection. I think this is one to stay...


  1. All four shades look so pretty on you! I don't think I've tried anything from the brand but I will make sure to grab a few next time when I am in K-town. :)

  2. You can just go to their union square store now! The price is better anyway and selection is complete. The only good part about ktown store was that when I got two new single last time (late august) they ran up3.5 bucks a piece...


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