Monday, October 23, 2017

Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon

Bite Beauty is a brand I hold special interest to: I generally like their colors but not enough to pay for their item at regular retail. That's why I always cave in when Sephora offers Bite minis. Back in spring a small lip crayon was offered as a 100pt perk and of course I had to get it.
Matte Creme Lip Crayon is a creamy (but not too squishy) lip pencil with a smooth finish without shine (but it isn't matte to me). The tip is pointed enough to draw a line while the slant is enough for shading. The shade available was a purply mauve called Pastille (why most of these freebies are either mauve or fuchsia aka colors I hate?)
The texture is very smooth and comforting, something that doubles as thick balm on a cold dry day. If it weren't for the (edgy grandma kind of) shade, I actually see myself keeping it in my bag. 


  1. This is the same problem I have with lipsticks, they are all purple/white/blue based, so gross. I'm so over lipsticks, I have to accept the fact that I can never find the perfect shade. Everything is so garish these days. Even lancome and Chanel and Dior make such ugly shades these days. And forget drugstore, I ain't touching that stuff anymore.

  2. I tried that popular lancome 264 shade. Gross. Pulls so purple muave. Why are asians going nuts over that? I'm currently mixing my lipsticks, I use a brighter shade as a base coat then add lancome rouge in love lipstick 232m. I don't like that shade anymore (it's too pale-I've gone really tan) but can't find anything better.

  3. I haven't posted in a while but my makeup is pretty much 90% sorted. Lancôme released 40 shades of the foundation in September so I got my base all sorted out. Everything sorted out except for lipstick and blush. Everything else I know what to buy now.

    1. I haven't gotten any lipstick recently (last month or so...minus freebies and point perks from Sephora) but my back log through out the whole year could fill the blog (It's more like a lipstick-other crap diary) for a little while...

      Last few months I was suddenly interested in powder and foundation (guess my skintone is finally uneven enough) and skincare (it takes me months to test a product)...I have stopped mass hoarding lipstick for now but different drugstore palettes are still fun to hoard. It's just now I don't get much time/sunlight to take pictures.

      Anyway, I kinda wish I lost interest in makeup but it seems hopeless.

      Welcome back to the comment chat room!


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