Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Bite Luminous Creme Lipsticks - Pennywise and Dragqueen Pink

After my very happy purchase of Bite's Butter Cream Lipstick ( I was lazy in my last review that I just assumed they are called hand cut lipstick), I made sure to hoard whatever color (that's interesting to me) that I see at Marshalls...Welp, I didn't know that the Luminous Creme Lipstick is a totally different species.
These lipsticks have box matching the shade. The photoshop was remarkably natural and true to life (I doubt it's picture of exact shade applied because the angle and location of lines are identical). I thought that if the texture is anything like the Butter Cream lipstick, these two would make wonderful additions to my lipstick wardrobe.

Mimosa is an opaque warm red with lacquer shine. Something a professional clown would wear.

The lipstick is smooth and leaves a much thinner glide on the mouth.  While it's not too slippery or feathery, it was impossible to contain it within the boundary of my lips, when I use the lipstick straight.

One of my basic criteria for lipstick is that it sits nicely and is self-contained (without brush or liner). If it doesn't, I dismiss it right away. Who cares if it's pigmented, even (enough) and comfortable when it's all over and around my mouth?

In fact, I was so inspired that I went to see "It" the day after I first swatched this lipstick(and now I am reliving it through the book). While I would never wear Mimosa outside, this is perfect fot Halloween as it makes me look like nothing but a bloody mouth. 

Just when I thought it can't get worse, meet Bellini, the neon hot pink of doom.
It's the same lacquer formula that slips around the edges with a strong neon undertone plus a semi clear texture. Instead of melting into my own lip colors, it just ended up enhancing dry flakes that weren't there before.
I am not sure what to say except that it beat Shu Uemura and became the nastiest lipstick I tried this year. Color, texture and stain...I hate them all. I have three other Luminous Creme lipsticks that I impulse-bought (and yet to/would rather not try), I am sending them to friend so I won't waste my life bitching about them here.
See how the color Bellini is bleeding on the arm? Eww.


  1. I feel like lip colors like these are meant for magazine editorials and not actual real life wear. Kudos to you for trying them!

    1. I have tried some Max factor lipstick that's as bold but it was actually wearable (in the perfect skinned French Girl sort of way) not a smeary mess these are...From online swatch it also look a neater (equally garish). Now I just need to be lot more careful...

  2. Wut. I think these look good on your lips! But I guess it might look different on your actual complexion


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