Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept Japanese Magazine Freebies and Drugstore Sightings

First off, the sky from two weeks ago was quite pretty! Now to the magazine freebies since early September.
Mini with Vans totes, Seventeen has a burgundy bag
Nicola has a cosmetic bag, Elle Japan has Mason Kistune shopping bag
Glow has Snoopy shopping bag
Joker has a shopping bag, again
Otona no Oshare Techo has a pleather bag, Popteen has a cell phone holder
Steady has a toiletry and makeup bags
(Otona) Muse has a brown shoulder bag, Marisol has a starry shopping bag and small bag
Mooks -  Bathing Ape bag
Reebok and Vans gym bags
Moz and Aogoramo (? )
I like the Moz bag so I got it on a whim...The color should fit better with my outfits (either cool toned or overblown floral prints) but the soft fleece fabric look like it could be a dust central in a week.

While Jordana is being kicked out, a new brand showed up called CYO.  
Concealer, blush
Eyeshadow, lip gloss, eye crayon
Eyeshadow palette
Foundation. Many of the products are made in Italy or Germany and the price is quite cheap 5-6 for color makeup and 10 for foundation.
From Harmon- Incoco Nail sticker
Halloween lipsmacker
Nail Color
Lip Balm
Physicians formula jumped into the highlighter bandwagon and I am liking them!

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