Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Dolomites

Back in the beginning of last year, I got bored with the Japanese releases so I started looking back at my old flame from back in the days, Nars. Remember in 2009 ish, I loved rimming my whole eyes with their powder singles? Yeah, it gave me a bad case of bitchface but I was lovin' it.

 Everything was impeccable, their texture, color, wear time and pigmentation. What broke my heart was the fact that their packaging deteriorated into a sticky mess only after three years. I still don't know how to deal with their gummy compact (I don't touch eyeshadow pans that I depotted) so I try not think about their fate. For now, I present you a lovely rose taupe that you can't have.
Nars Dolomites was one of the two limited duo from Fall 2014. I found a string of glowing reviews while surfing weibo and promptly jumped on eBay to look for (and grabbed) it.
Back then I was into all sorts of rose gold/rose taupe and this fitted the bill. On the left there is this ultra pigmented and smooth rose, so intense that it's metallic and so smooth that it can be blended down into a clear veil. On the right there is a warm plum with complex shimmer. While the plum functions as a dry matte, it's also very easy to use it on top to warm up the rose.
As blend down the rose, it actually turned into a sultry purple taupe, love it! The warm plum is also much easier to work with than expected, as it works like a solid watercolor on skin.
On the eyes, Dolomites gives a glossy definition with zero fall out and not harsh edges. I am so glad that I got this on a whim and will try to give it lots of love before the great meltdown happens again.


  1. Pretty! This is a kind of combo that I never paid attention back in the days and it is all I want these days. LOL. It's a shame the case eventually gets sticky. Like you, I am not a fan of depotting. Mine are all still holding up but I'm gonna dust clear silicone powder all over once the process starts. I've saved a Chanel hair mist once with this method. :)

    1. I think I will create more mess with silicone powder so I will wrap them in washi tapes...I abandoned (depotted and destroyed) all of my small old stash and now I am rebuying some of then. Why can't they be just normal plastics....


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