Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Late September Magazines and Mooks

Another collective spying for the new magazine releases.I went a little nut over this month's freebies because there are so many animal prints!
In Red has a black pleather bag. Baila has a Lisa Larson bag with hedgehog print. Since I have a blue thermal lunch bag, I thought I should get the red one as its girlfriend...
 The bag is roomy, lined, soft and frankly rather plasticky. For 12 dollars it was ok but I could do without it. It's a little fancy for lunch, not practical as day bag so I will use it for my knitting projects.
 Spur has clear pouch and Can Cam has pink checkered bag
 Jelly has basic selfie light
 Glow's snoopy tote (older issue?) , Lee has little wallet
 Liniere has a Lisa Larson cat pouch and travel bag (another must have for me) ! It was quite a good deal since the bag is sturdy and lined. The cat print isn't super sharp but for 16 dollars you are getting a crap one at Marshalls anyway. I like this month's issue as well. Maquilla has bunch of Etvos samples (that got blocked) and Tokyo Otona Kitty pencil case..After the discount the magazine with case costs 9.45 dollars which is a decent deal.
Zipper quality is great and the bag doesn't look plasticky at all!
 Anyway,  while I like the freebie (which will set you back a few bucks if you were to buy in store). I don't really care about the content: Glossy pictures of beautiful model with makeup that look more or less the same (except for lipsticks)...This is why I don't read beauty magazines in the first place...
 Bijim Hyakka has a floral smart phone case, Eclat has a theory tote
 Otona no Oshare Techo has a pleather bag, Sweet has a Jill Stuart Tote. I feel like this freebie are only worth it when it's a distinct copyrighted design (that's manufactured through publisher, not the label itself) authorized by designer...Otherwise it's just a random bag with designer name slapped on it.
 Vivi has a fuzzy bag, Spring has Tsumori Chisato grocery bag with mini cat pouch (I might go back for it even though I has one from older issue). Biteki has toiletry organizer
 My old Tsumori Chisato grocery bag. I feel like  the most stylist grocery buyer at Chinatown!
Now some mooks. Q pot and Earth Music Ecology
Milkfed backpack
 Not sure what's the brand (the bag is double sided)
Super Hakka travel bag. Now I try not to buy these mook since they aren't that great of a deal...
 I know what they mean (bird, beasts dramatic drawing?) but can't pronounce them in Japanese bag
 Another Lisa Larson. I like it but not for over 30 bucks
Nyan cat backpack
Kangol bag

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  1. That grocery bag is very stylist indeed! Not getting anymore bags / totes lately?


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