Sunday, September 17, 2017

Integrate Heart Melty Eyes in BR 712

It seems that Shiseido is putting a lot of attention on Integrate this past two years. The brand just went on a full revamp last fall, completed with two new (three total) spoke models and a range of new products almost every season (meanwhile Majolica is getting the cold shoulder). I have picked up a powder foundation from the new range but I will wait a bit longer to review it (as it's terribly blotchy with the endless summer we have been getting). Today, here is an oldie but goodie.
Integrate Melty Heart Eyes had been around for 2 to 3 years. While these silver packaging looks incredibly cheap once scratched (and they almost get scratched right away) they are so darn fun to take pictures of.
The Melty Heart Eyes has two shallow pans of eye color, a cream base and powder. There is a lid for the powder so you won't get dust on the cream pan.
BR712 is a warm brown duo with orange beige on left and a golden brown on right. The left pan is creamy (not pokable but easy to grab kind of way), smooth and loads on ton of pigment. It's like a fresh pot of Maybelline Color Tattoo from back in the days (like in 2012 fall when they made some gorgeous neutrals).

 The brown is also very soft (can kick up some powder during application), smooth and easy to blend.  While the shimmer isn't flat, the duo works more like a western brand shadow.
Cream side, powder side and Powder over cream base.
Orange beige by itself. I was trying to catch last bit of natural light before sunset so I swiped on a huge patch on my lid. Should have blended the edges ad well.
I think it's giving enough definition and color
Layered on some brown. In real life the look was a bit heavy and not what I usually wear.
I still like the duo (not enough to want another one in the range) so I will see if I can play it down a little.

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