Saturday, September 23, 2017

Esprique Rouge Glacé in Raspberry Red RD 406

 Esprique is a brand that I have been paying a lot of attention (and money) to. Their eye shadow were quite impressive (for 800yens) and their seasonal gimmicks collections always hit my soft spots.  Rouge Glacé has been around for more than a year, when my long standing girl crush Aragaki Yui was still their spoke model. She was replaced by Kitagawa Keiko (like her too) last fall/winter. If you miss Gakki's face, she is still with Sekkisei.

I have seen limited shades for fall and spring with different prints. And all I need was the fruit-drawing to lure me in. Initially, I thought for a drugstore brand (after all their eyeshadow singles are cheaper than Visee) the price was almost close to highend like Shu Uemura...After trying this plus having done my research on Shu Uemura's lip tint, I have concluded this is totally worth the price (while the Shu lip tint turned out to be a big fat NO).
RD-406 Raspberry Red is a clear red jelly that leans a little cool. It's just the perfect strawberry jam color with a melty formula. With direct sunlight and when you look really closely, there is a mist of hot pink shimmer that only adds dimension to the jelly texture. The slim stick is easy to use and retractable, leaving no squishy mess around after application.
The formula is also weightlessly moisturizing and the color stays on for 3 hrs before I drink anyway. While I have many sheer red around Esprique is one of my favorite even in the pricier (to me) range. 

Anyway, I just checked this shade is still available at Alphabeauty (three of Rd 406 left as I type) and their eBay store. I am trying not to get a backup...

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