Monday, September 04, 2017

Bite Hand Cut Lipstick - Hazelnut and Caramel

Bite Beauty is a natural-organic oriented brand that seems to be insanely popular on the Internet (Instagram). I stayed far far away when it came out, for a simple reason: Their lipstick tubes looked like goddamn vibrators. 
The Amuse Bouche are the hit items but today I will show you the discontinued Hand Cut Lipsticks because I found them at Marshalls for 6.99 a piece! For the price of a crappy cafeteria lunch, I finally got to see the what is fuss about. I mean, the cylindrical tubes of these are not nearly as insertible as the others...

In fact, they look kind of sleek with magnetic closure and the weighty tubes. Gummy packaging are bound to attract dirt but at least it will remind me to toss them out when they aren't fresh enough to be bitten.
I grabbed Hazelnut and Caramel.Both with flat tips that weren't too soft nor caused any problem during application. There is a very faint smell that doesn't bother me.
Hazelnut is a deep rose and Caramel is a light peachy nude with a touch of earthiness.
Hazelnut pulls a lot more purple on my lips, to almost an Ursula mauve. It's still quite fun and reminds me of the 90s. The formula is creamy, smooth and gives full coverage without showing patchy white pigments. I imagine it will also be quite balmy for colder months.
Caramel just looks like a really chic not quite nude. Both shades are so fashionable I imagine it will really date in 10 years. Like people would call them auntie shades or " Colors of the late 2010s". 

I am very impressed and went back for more (at Marshalls price).


  1. I was all sold on these until I got to "full coverage." Definitely don't need any full coverage ^.^

    Caramel looks great on you!


    1. I avoid all opaque lipsticks but these are really tastefully done, more so than bobbi brown and ysl that I tried...Worth the 7 bucks.


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